Friday, 9 November 2007

Ouchie ouchie

A while ago I started having problems with my knee-hurting after I went for a run. So eventually dragged myself to the GP and diagnosis.....torn cartilage..DAMN!! So yesterday I went under. I was admitted to day surgery for an arthroscopy. Or in english--key hole surgery to fix the tear. Bad for the knee, great for the knitting. I spent the whole day today trying to finish all my sock gifts for the family. I got nearly 3/4 the way through the second sock of a pair, which is great! Nearly there!! I desperately trying to finish them tonight and then onto the second pair. Knee is throbbing a bit now. Here is a pic of the damage. Fortunately, only 3 small incisions.
Anyway, back to knitting. I recently got the sock yarn from Scandinavian knitting site and it is knitting up beautifully. The pattern is fab and the colours very vibrant. A friend who came over last night to wish me well, were well taken with one pair. I have way too many pairs in the making-feeling kinda guilty for not finishing any. But at the moment I have to finish the xmas gifts of I'll be in trouble.
I'm trying to finish some grey glitter socks for a friend in a lacy pattern.

I have way too much knitting to do!!! First though, do my strenghtening exercises and lose the crutches!!