Saturday, 7 March 2009


Goodbye to my friend Kleinman. I miss you already...

Friday, 6 March 2009

So much news...

Well the past few weeks have been both uneventful and hot. Right now, its 31 degrees celsius and the time 19h24. Cape Town has been sweltering in a heat wave this week that has fueled that largest and longest lasting fires in 9 years. As we speak, one has been raging for a week and is still out of control. Todays heat was just too much. I popped out of the air-conditioned office to get some cash for lunch and walked into an oven. I haven't experienced such heat in a very long time. Its the kind where it feels like you are breathing through a hairdryer. The actual air is hot. There were some community service delinquents sweeping the streets as punishment and for the first time, I actually felt sorry for them.
To make matters worse, no wind. That means smog, visible smog which hangs like a blanket over the city.

The good thing is that it makes for great sunsets. We set out to Blouberg beach and I took LOADS of pictures. Some of them included these...

My absolute favourite one is of the kids looks so carefree and fun!

ps...I may just go for a swim right now...its just too hot in here!

OK I'm back!

Knitting news - I've finished yet another string bag for a colleague and the idiot that I am, forgot to take proper pics. So my mobile camera will have to do. I could kick myself.

I am so in love with bag but had to give it away. ::jellis::
I still have bit left from the balls of cotton so may eek one out for myself.

My vintage knit has progressed a lot. I have just about finished the back and it looks fab. The pattern is so easy to remember and I will definitely progress a lot faster on the front. I can't wait to finish it.
I'm still having problems adjusting to not knitting so much anymore and do miss it. I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms or something.!!!!!!

We will also be moving house temporarily due to family coming to visit. And have in the progress, managed to UPGRADE!!! We will be living in a house of some friends of ours who live in the UK. The house is situated in Paarl which is a lovely town within the wine district of Cape Town. We have been to the house and am quite excited to get away from the parents in law and have some time to ourselves. Additionally, my friend, Amy, from our UK knitting group is coming to visit!!! So I have taken time off work and will be doing the touristy things with her. Cue loads of pictures. She arrives in 3 weeks time. She has made a wishlist of places to see which include the penguins at Boulders beach, Kirstenbosch gardens, the Cheetah outreach at Spier, the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain, Robben Island ( where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated) and so on. So if you have ever wanted to see any of these, hold on to your horses.

Tonight we're off to act like youngsters and are hitting the town to see a local band. Hope we don't stand out too much! Haha!!

Sadly, I have to visit the vets tomorrow for the last time with my cat Kleinman. Unfortunately, his sight has deteriorated so much that he is becoming a hazard to himself. Constantly falling off counters, beds and walking into walls and doors. I'm horrified to have to take him but have no other choice. He is on his own most of the day and what if something happens? I'm really not looking forward to it! Sad day indeed.

Kleinman has been my best friend for 18 years and a trouper! I will miss you.