Sunday, 23 March 2008

Aaarrgghhh it's snowing....

Man, I such a sucker for snow. Where I come from, it never snowed LIKE EVER. And today, it's snowing in London! Hehehehehe!!! I'm constantly looking out the window!Crazy! I should be living somewhere else! Seriously!

I gotta get studying's actually driving me nuts..I have poo for brain already. And at 6, it the Colour of Magic i.e. Terry Pratchett, on Sky One. Can't wait. I do love a good Discworld novel.

I've tried to take a good picture of the snow but no dc is still broken so had to use my phone..

Sunday, 16 March 2008

I'm such a loser!

Alas, I'm so not in the mood for studying and gave up yesterday. I finally realised that i will never be able to go through all the information in the time left. So the only option left open, it to spot and hope I spot correctly. So today was supposed to be the Financial Management project day but instead we decided to go to the pub for a pub lunch...mmm...lambshank...and we just got back at 18h00. So whilst the OH is washing the dishes, I'm quickly updating said blog and then onwards march to the FM assignment. Drat!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Lots of nothings...

Today I got up in the best intentions to study but had to go to the doctor to pick up a presciption and visit the bank. Craperoni! Took like half the day and by the time I got back I was so brain dead I couldn't think straight. And a killer headache set in. I totally wasted the whole day. I also almost finished my Extra Easy sweater but ran out of yarn about 5 inches short of the end...what are the chances.
And today is Steak and Blowjob day...I'll leave you with that one.....

Wimbledon Common Cemetary

Thursday, 13 March 2008

My London photo for today

I took a photo today..

Putney Bridge 9 am this morning.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Picture a my day...

Just had an idea...I'll take a picture everyday somewhere in London on my daily travels. Why not..sounds like fun...
Here's the first..the view from my balcony over Wimbledon

Nice new bag!

I was at college today and in our break, I went to Muji to have a look at their sale.
I couldn't resist. They had this black 3 way bag. Sort of like a laptop backpack except that it has a handle on the top, handle on the side, straps for back pack and a long over the body sling. Brilliant!! It kinda looks like a photography bag with loads of pockets on the outside. Even one long pocket for an umbrella!! So I bought it!! Eeeeekkk!! I'm so excited! I'm just so sick of carrying 2 bags to college and my hands and shoulders couldn't handle it anymore. Will post a picture soon. Unfortunately my digital camera broke down a while ago due to a manufacturers fault but because it isn't on the recognise list, Canon won't repair it!! Nice! Thanks! So I might as well buy a new camera as the repair costs will be too high...So annoying.

Feeling a bit tired now...going to bed...nighty night!

Monday, 10 March 2008

We're washing awaaaaaayyyy!!

OMG the worst storms in I don't know how many years hit the UK last night. Wow, the winds were howling!! This morning, it was coming down in buckets and the cypress outside our window was waving her arms like CRAZY, I tell you! Whoo heee!!
Of course, you can't venture outside without full assault gear-warm fleece, waterproof ski jacket-purely because I saw many umbrellas obliterated in the wind, sturdy shoes with a sensible heel-I prefer sneakers. Forget the umbrella, forget makeup...lashing of water is sure to make anyone look like a raccoon. Charming!!!

Anyway, looks like it has calmed down a bit although they predict another one in about 5 hours.

Niceties for today:
1. Love the rain!
2. Love the dog that won Crufts yesterday
3. Love that the boss isn't here now!

Over and out...

Friday, 7 March 2008

Total Breakdown ALERT ALERT!!!

OK so yesterday wasn't a good day for me. It started out well-or normal should I say. Now normally I work until 17h30 at which time I politely pack up my desk-hint hint boss- and leave. Well, yesterday, come 17h30, my boss (let's call him B) comes up to my desk and promptly asks to see the cashbook. Here's what goes through my mind.....'it's 17h30, I'm about to leave and you come and ask me this AT THIS TIME! Ok, I'll give you 15 minutes and then I'm OUTTA HERE!'
So I open up the cashbook and off we go. Thing is, B suddenly realised that the accountant is due on Tuesday and I won't be in until Monday...PANIC PANIC!! I ended up leaving there at 19h30. Now don't get me wrong...I am happy to work overtime it work requires but if B sits on his ass, staring out the window and then at the last minute expect miracles, then I won't be a happy chappy!! I was very close to stabbing him with a pencil!!! Anyone know of a good way to kill someone with a stapler??

And the evening didn't end there. Got home to find a letter from BT saying that I owe them money and they have now slapped on a late payment charge?? Huh?? I actually set up the direct debit for BT 3 times-once on their website, second time over the phone and third by filling in a form! So I pretty pissed by now. I grab the home signal!! They've actually cut off the phone!!!!! Seeing red by now!! Grab my mobile phone, held for 10 minutes on a premium line and spoke to whoever in India, informing me that their systems are down and he can't help me...

And then I broke down............

Floodgates opened and I couldn't stop. It was like the stresses of the past few months were all leaking out!! OH was exercising in the other room, oblivious to the happenings. I try to calm myself down but my body just won't stop shaking. Then OH walks in the kitchen, sees my face and asks what wrong. And off I go again...tears, body shaking!! He was flabbergasted!!! Poor man!! Trying to stop me from crying. Trying to find out what is wrong but I just couldn't speak!! I'm laughing about it now but it was horrible!!!!

Fast forward----downed 2 glasses of wine, felt horrible and went to bed early. But felt LOADS better when I woke up this morning. So maybe it was good.
I even managed to do some revision in the French Embassy whilst waiting for a visa application to go though( 4 hours, if you are interested!) So I feel quite chuffed with that!
Anyway, off for a pint tonight at the local with OH and BF. Should be good. I think I need the break.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Busy busy bzzzz.....

So far this week has been hard. Monday and Tuesday work-boss getting his knickers in a twist and just wanted things done NOW. Phew! Today was college day. Marketing Management was boring as usual and I managed to draw a very realistic picture of my phone in class with markers..just shows you how hard I was concentrating in class....NOT!! :-)

I also spent some time tonight organising the OH's visa. He's off to Bordeaux again for work. We keep having to apply for the stupid visa just for a 3 day trip-why they don't just give him a long visa I don't know!! It's just so much of a mission to assemble all the info that they ask for...mostly ridiculous things. Anyway, so I will be spending some time at the embassy-more like 4 hours. So ideal time to get started on the Marketing Management textbook. It's thick enough to kill someone!
Last time I took my crochet project with. I actually got quite a lot done. It's sooooo boring waiting at the embassy. Hard seats and crap on the tv's against the walls.
Hey, did anyone see Ravelry got voted one of the 10 best websites!! Well done guys!! I so love Ravelry and Bob.
Anyways, I'm trying to write this with Lock, Stock on the's a little bit distracting!! Bang bang...

p.s. I started and finished a nice cape thingy on Friday with the Noro yarn sent to me by Tsuki (thanks again Tsuki). It took a maximum of 2 hours and came out quite nice, I think! Can't wait to wear it but it will probably have to wait until summer. It's still a bit cold out in London.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Early start...

So I thought I'd start early to set up my day in a good way..
1. Loving the sunshine on my face so early in the morning. Spring must be on the way! Whoo hee!!

I'd rather not go on about the weekend because I'd like to stay positive but what a weekend..
On Saturday I rushed to the bank to pay in some takings from the RSPCA and would you believe it, the bank was closed!! GGRRR!! I was fuming!! I'd rushed to count the money, bag it and even got a cab down to the bank to make it in time!! Furious isn't the word. I had to walk around with a massive bag of coins the rest of the day...

So I decided to head down to a local yarn shop that I only heard of recently. And what a find!! WOWIE! It had all the great yarns that our friends across the water get to use all the time. I was in heaven!!!! I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to crochet an african top that I saw in a new pattern book. Anyway, walking back the bag of coins broke and spilt everywhere on the pavement!! (sigh)

Saturday evening we had a great meal at an Italian friend and was treated to traditional dishes and homemade liquers!! mmm....

Yesterday was CRAP!! I spent the whole day working on the RSPCA accounts. I've just taken over from a previous treasurer and she just didn't keep anything up to date. Just imagine the amount of work...assembling all the paperwork-unfiled of course! 6 hours and not much nearer to finishing. I really should start studying and working on my assignment/ case study but these accounts are keeping me way to busy....not much time left....I'm very worried!!!! Guess what I'll be doing tonight....SIGH!