Wednesday, 28 May 2008


OK two things to tell you...

First, about a month ago I went to a John Frieda Elite club thingy. Basically you become a member of their club. And they may invite you to special evenings or for freebie products. Well, they sent me an email to say that I was chosen for the John Frieda evening in London. I went and had such a great time. They treated us to some champers and canapes and after that we were each assigned a stylist for a free wash and blow....and here are the results!

and after...

They said that they want to use my before and after pics for their promotional materials!!!!! Woweeeee!!! i'm so chuffed! I don't generally like myself in photos (like everyone I guess) but I like my hair in these!!

And then this happened on the weekend...

I was waiting to cross the road and noticed a squirrel in the road. It had been hit by a car and I thought it was dead. But then it's tail moved!!! I couldn't leave it there in the road while it was still alive!!!! So I ran over, directing cars around like a mad woman and picked it up by die tail. And then it came alive. I couldn't leave it there to be run over by cars and busses etc. So I put it in the gardens next to the road. He seemed very alive but definitely hurt. I felt like crying!!! You know I volunteer for the RSPCA so this was heart breaking! When I came by again later in the day, he was gone! I'd like to think that he is still alive somewhere as it was too early for the foxes to be out. Aaawwwwww........I hope it wasn't a mommy squirrel.......

OK enough sad thoughts.
Here is my newest 'bus' knit....something to do on the bus...

It's the Endpaper mitts from See Eunny Knit. They are hard work as I'm not used to colourwork. But I just liked them so much. Just so much CONCENTRATING...phew....


I finally managed to finish some socks that have been on the needles for ages and ages! You'd think that they'd finish themselves eventually. Wow! I really am pleased with myself. One pair is for my father in law and was supposed to be for christmas. But the pattern was so long winded that I got bored and just couldn't finish it. So 2 weeks ago I decided....THAT"S IT!!! TIME TO FINISH THE DAMN SOCKS!! And don't get me wrong! I love knitting socks...but 6 months of knitting?? I think not!
Pictures of offending socks:

All I can say is that I am so pleased with myself! Really!
I've started a new pair of socks. I call them my ET Toes.

Nice aren't they!
I've also resorted to order the Phildar patterns in I'll have two french pattern books. But it takes me so long to translate the pattern. My friend in Canada is ordering it for me and sending it all the way back to the UK. Can't wait...

Monday, 19 May 2008

It's the invisible man!

OH is invisible. He does not emerge from his 'music' room and just barely makes it into the bath!! I have had to tell him to go take a bath 'cause you smell like a miner! hahaha!! I am also on IT support even though I know nothing of his Mac or Logic Pro. But there you have it...every 5 minutes...Micheeelllllle, can you come help me pleeeaasseeee!! Yeah all right, but this is the last time. I just can't get a row knitted to the end! It's just slightly ridiculous!

Otherwise, I have been busy with some knitting whilst other things have kept me busy. I am just about to finish my father in law's socks. I've been rushing these as it is winter in South Africa at the minute and according to them 'it's very cold'. That would be 18c then. Not cold for us but considering that their daily summer temperature can go up to 35! And I've started one of my new Phildar patterns. I wanted to start the creamy coloured one but realised that I was missing a skein of yarn! I then realised that when I ordered it off the Phildar site, I obviously do not understand French and must have missed the bit about the yarn being out of stock and PRODUCTION!!! Arrrggghhh!!! Luckily for me, after a sneaky email to Jette on Ravelry, she kindly sent me one of her skein FOR FREE!!! Thank you so much Jette!! I really appreciate it and just love that there are still nice people out there! I am going to send her something nice in return. Maybe a mix of UK and South African...

Here in the UK the weather has been so nice at times that you can be mistaken in thinking that it is summer!! Aahh...I miss the sun..I wish I could be here again...

Oh well...

The boss is out the office for most of today....yay for me! ::waving arms madly in air::

Friday, 9 May 2008

Oh lord help me...I need support!

So the OH's new Mac Pro arrived today. But not after some repeated pacing up and down the flat. He was convinced that the delivery would arrive at 9 this morning. So when the doorbell rang, he flew out of bed ( he took the day off just for this) and ran to open the door. And when he got there, it was a package FOR ME!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I wish you could have seen his face! Hilarious! Anyway, this is what came for me. Weeeeeeee

These are my new Bento goodies. I've been making myself bento lunches and boy are they nice!!! And these are just so cute. I can't wait to use it.
OH still has not emerged. I'll add some pics of the new Mac as soon as it is all set up. Right now he is installing all his music editing programs and I think it will take a while.
Hahaha..I'm watching the A-Team on tv. I feel so old now!!!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Random mobile phone pics

His highness and the pc

My OH ordered a new sooper dooper computer from Apple. I have never seen him so a) excited and b) impatient! He is probably the most level headed person that I know and he is literally running home every night to check if the pc has arrived! How funny! Of course I realise that once it arrives, he will be lost to the world for at least a week! I might just install a hatch in his door and pass food and water through it. Crazy men!! Honestly!

Otherwise nothing to report other than the NICE WEATHER IN LONDON!! Whoohoo!! Really fantastic. I'm sitting in the lounge with the balcony door open and all I can hear is birds. Lovely!
My BF invited me to a store event tonight. It's at the Mango store in Oxford street and will include manicures and goody bags!! Double whoohoo!!! I'm hoping to get a nice manicure. I'll post some random mobile phone next...

Sunday, 4 May 2008

New book

I got a new book today. It's called 'Field guide to knitting' and looks like this

What a great book! It has all these great stitch patterns and is organised by cables, lace, rib and edgings. It's great. I'm busy with Zoe's pinwheel sweater and have already looked through the book for a nice edging. I did Megan's one with a picot edge but would like something different for Zoe's.

Claire aka Aberdonian has kindly offered to help with the french translation!! Hey thanks! I think I'll need it! Tonight I'm going to try to finish the sleeves on Zoe's pinwheel and then continue to translate the Phildar pattern. AND WE ARE OFF TOMORROW!! YEAH BANK HOLIDAY!!

Saturday, 3 May 2008


I've just been invited to our first bbq this year!! Yay! Even though it looks a bit windy and cloudy outside, I don't really care!! BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ!!! I'll have to go to the shop to get some steaks and chips. I can't wait. I'll just have to wait for for OH. He is at a band practice somewhere in Balham. I might just go without him.

I also took the time (lots of time) to straighten my hair for a change. It is so sooper curly normally so it is quite a change when it is straight.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

That's after a LOT of product, hairdryer, GHD's, paddle brush, round brush...etc..etc...
I know that it probably won't last long but hey. Kinda reminds me of my home french day and it's busted!!! Is it just me? I think I'm way to rough with my hands and nails. I'd probably put someone's eyes out with acrylic nails! haha!

My fabulous yarns came all the way from France. It's FAB! Only thing is, I've been having a real struggle translating the french patterns. They kinda say things the other way round than english/ american patterns. All backwards. Here are some pics of my yarns-unfortunately the pics are backwards too! Balls!