Saturday, 30 August 2008

I've cracked it!!!

HAHAHHAH!!! I think I've just cracked knitting continental!!! ( Note: I said knit, not purl! That will be another animal to battle with on square no.2)

Knitting post

Knitting wise (apart from berry picking) I've started two new projects. It's not like I don't have anything else to finish, I just want to start something new!!! You know what it's like! So, a friend came to visit a few weeks ago and wished *out loud* that she would love some pedicure socks. So in an attempt to reduce the size of my stash, I asked her to pick some yarn from there. She picked some red Garnstudio Fable -self striping.
I've cast on and have just turned the heel. I've forgotten how quickly socks knit up! This is about 2 train trips! WHOOSH!

She picked the pattern from one of my knitting mags that were lying around.....and now I can't find the damned magazine!! Typical! I do remember that the socks were just basic socks without toes ending in a 1" rib instead. Easy enough. I'm using the normal Opal sock pattern and will stop an inch or so short of the toe decreases. Then rib for an inch. However, the sock also had a toe flap, similar to cut off mittens with a flap to cover the fingers. I'll have to think about that a bit...I think I could just pick up some stitches on top of the foot and continue the toe as per pattern (possibly with a rib around the bottom.)

My second new project is the Learn to knit afghan from Barbara Walker. I ordered the book via Amazon, which arrived this week in a huge box! What a waste of space...
Anyway, I received some yarn from a yarn swap friend in the US a while ago which was destined for this afghan. The only problem is that as the book was written for continental style, I thought that this might be as good a time as any to learn how...
MAN!! It's so hard! It's like learning to write again with your left hand ( or vice versa of course if you are left already!). My hands are dumb, I keep dropping stitches, the carrying yarn won't go where it should and my gauge is so bloody tight, you couldn't see through the knitting if you so wished! But try I WILL! DAMN YOU CONTINENTAL KNITTING!!
Here is a pic of my first square....

I've cheated a bit....after a lot of swearing last night, I knit some of it english style. The rockstar was laughing his ass off at me! Let me see you try mister!

A day (or two) in the life of Mishibaby

The Berry picking expedition

Friends encountered along the way...

Pretty things seen...

And the results...


Sunday, 24 August 2008

Quick presents and birthday parties!

The dumb ass that I sometimes am, realised at 3 today that I needed a VERY quick present for a 2 year old. And I had about 2 hours to do it in! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! A quick scan of my favourites on Ravelry revealed the Birds of a Feather. from Hannah Kaminsky. So out came the leftover Garnstudio Karisma and crochet needle! I have to say, these were sooper quick to make. It takes about 1 hour per chick which includes sewing the wings and tail. I embroidered the eyes and stuck the beak down with some child friendly craft glue...and bob's your uncle....Summer loved them!! RESULT!
Meet Tweet!

Later we helped Summer's mom bake some cakes for her birthday party tomorrow. These guys below are remnants from my childhood and we decided that Summer should have some too!! They are basically ice cream cones, stuck down on rich tea biscuits with some sweets inside. And then decorated with marshmallow, icing sugar and smarties....I used to love these as a child!!


Friday, 22 August 2008

I'm a Rathelete!

Today I received this....

I've successfully competed in the Ravelympics by finishing my Pinwheel sweater!! WHOOT WHOOT!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

How to entertain yourself in Ikea....( PIC HEAVY!!)

Finished goodies

Ok so update on some finished items...
I finished the pinwheel sweater for the boss's daughter. All in all it came out looking pretty good. Pics below...

I did the border as in the pattern which imo is very boring but looks very nice. The circumference of the sweater is large already and for the border you knit an extra 6 stitches for every 3 on the sweater. So it took double as long! But I'm happy with it.

Then I also had some old store bought sweaters that I was throwing out. But I remembered seeing a 'how to' to make mittens from old sweaters....and here are my attempts....

I lined them with an old felt blanket and they are really warm and cosy! RESULT!

Seeing as I'm on a roll finishing old projects, I've picked up my Phildar blue sweater again and will carry it with me on the bus. MUST FINISH.....MUST FINISH......MUST RESIST STARTITIS!!!
Oh and I'm planning my version of the 'Learn to Knit afghan' by Mrs Zimmerman herself...except I don't have the pattern so I'll be devising my own. I already have the yarn for it ( sent by a kind fellow Raveller from the US).

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

And ps...

I stepped out of the thread because I refuse to be called out!! I won't play your selfish games!

You know...some people...

Being the Ravelry addict that I am, I totally love the site. But I just got bombed by some nasty comments of some people!! Honestly!! I simply asked why people disagreed with a said post and got the full WHAMMY of nastiness from all angles. Seriously people, no need to get sarky and up your own arse because you're a grad student-I am too! So there!!! I'm so pissed off now....pppfffttttt!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Thursday, 14 August 2008

New Shoes!

Whoohooo!! I wanted some new Converse for some time now. And today we walked into Gap and they had these for.....wait for it.....£16.99!!!!!!!!!! BARGAIN ALERT!!!

I'm actually thinking of getting another pair - to keep in the cupboard for when these perish one day!!!!! Go get yours now!!! Oh and its from Gap's red range so money go towards Aids/ TB etc...

This week....

This week is the week of the Ravelympics. And I'd decided to complete some old WIP's thAt just never seem to get done. One of these is the Side to side Cowl neck sweater from Lion Brand. I liked the look of it the first time I saw this. It is, however, a crochet pattern-which isn't really my forte. But I was determined to have it. So it has been unearthed from the deepest, darkest depths of the yarn basket and WILL be completed!!! Grrrrrrr!!! I'd realised that the 6 inches that I'd crochet before was actually all done wrong as I was supposed to crochet into the back loop of the stitches but didn't! SHIT!! So I had to frog the whole thing and start again!! So while it started as a WIP it is now a new project!! I've started it again and have done about 4 inches already. This time it looks right. It's going painfully slowly but.......

Oh and I've recently been called a hill billy.....see exhibit A

And exhibit B

Don't mess with me.....

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Just another boring week...

This week was just another boring week of work/ eat/ sleep/ knit. Really nothing exciting happening. I went to the newly established knitting meeting which was very nice. We had 3, no 4 new knitters who joined us. I managed to finish my Megathy and so started the bosses pinwheel sweater while there. A few pics...
From left to right...aahhh aka Amy, Katq and Borrower aka Clare.

OriginalTiger aka Louise showing us who it's done!


And my finished Megathy..

The pinwheel really is such a fast and easy knit and looks fantastic. If you want to impress, then this is the pattern to try.
Here is my progress so far...

I'm now off to work a double-so a very long day...I probably won't get any knitting done today but am ready for the Ravelympics tomorrow!

Monday, 4 August 2008

So what do you do.....

....when the front door slams shut with you outside??? You break into your own house of course!
What a bloody mess! Husband walked some friends to their car while I had a quick peek at my flowers. Next thing...the front door slams shut with the latch on!!! Of course, I realised immediately that we are locked out. So I shout down to the Rockstar, who thinks I'm joking! Uhm no not really. Call a locksmith....
See we live on the 4th floor and even though we have some open windows....unless you are spiderman, there is no way of getting to them.
So while they call around for the best price, I go all Macguyver on the front door with a mop, piece of wood and a torn shopping bag. I managed to snag my handbag through the mail slot and pulled it closer.
Luckily for me....
a) my handbag was on the floor near the front door
b) my keys were in my bag
c) i grabbed the right side of the bag

I was able to grab my keys through the mail slot-after bruising my arm in the process.

So moral of the story:
-Leave spare keys somewhere/ with someone
-Don't leave your bag near the mail slot...anyone can break in!
-Don't leave the latch on the front door like an idiot!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Oh I forgot to post the pics of my mom's dishclothes that I finished.....they look fantabulous!

And Megathy so far...

Ravelry Swag!!!

I finally got my hands on some Ravelry swag this week. My Rav tote arrived last week and has already been initiated with some spilt juice and dirt. And today these arrived!

YEAH!! I'm such a sucker I'm already wearing one!! HAHAHA!!

Then I also received this today!!!

I finally paid the £33 for them and am so excited! I do always get very annoyed when I don't have the needles needed for a project. So this way, I'll always have them! I can't wait to try them out.

The new knitting group had an extra member this week. A very nice girl knitting the Shetland Shorty from the latest Knitty. So all in all we are a grand total of 6. But I'm sure we'll be able to find more knitters in the area who would like to meet for a knit and pint.
I've pretty much finished the first half of my Megathy and have been swearing (and sweating) all the way. The pattern is a bit confusing, not stating certain things which meant that I had to frog it 3 times and finally did my own thing after the increases. So I wasn't happy but it does look really nice, which makes up for it a bit. I've started on the second side -their both the same- and should probably finish it this week. I don't have much time cause I will be in the Ravelympics which is starting soon. I've pulled out my old hibernating projects that is gathering dust and they have been entered in the WIP Wrestling. This is a BRILLIANT excuse to finish some things. I hate having unfinished projects...( and the will power to do anything about it!!)
I ordered some Rowan Glimmer print in a golden yellow colour to finish of Thrill. Unfortunately I can't find it in white anymore, which is what my top is in. But I decided that the only option was to buy another colour and complete the front straps in the different colour-making it look like I meant it that way. So ssshhhhhhhh!!!!!

Anyway, I'm going to knit now and watch some rubbish UK afternoon tv....see ya!