Friday, 24 April 2009


Now that I have some kind of signal, I'll post some pics of WIP/ FO's. We'll see how long it lasts ( that signal that is!)

The Dragonfly shawl at present. It measures about 70cm right now from tip to tip but I still have another repeat to go, then edging and blocking.

Another dishcloth. This one has rows of alternating colours knitted with 3 very small balls of leftovers. Great way to use up stash.



OMG!! Internet connection is sooooo sloooowwww! It's driving me bonkers. I attempted to upload some new pics of a new shawl that I am testing but alas, foiled AGAIN by a slow ( or whatever the problem is) connection. Nothing, nada, zip. Not uploading even 1%. It's frustrating coming from a country where everything works and then coming here where nothing works...meh...

Anyway, I'll just have to tell you about the new shawl. I found an Interweave crochet in a local book store-surprise surprise! I don't usually buy overseas magazines here as they are hugely overpriced. This one cost me a whopping R100. In comparison, local mags are about R25 - R30. But as I pages though, I noticed a shawl pattern that is crocheted. It's the dragonfly shawl. The pattern calls for a very fine weight yarn but I decided to use the Elle Sock Wool that I used before for the Swallowtail shawl. I'm testing the pattern first before I gift this one out. For now, its fairly easy, even for myself who don't usually crochet. I did go down a hook size as my yarn is a bit heavier than called for. But I want to finish and block it out first. It does seem a bit condensed but the Swallowtail grew quite a bit after a blocking. So I'm hoping that this one will spread out a bit too. The actual pattern on the shawl is nice too. And progress is way faster than the knitted shawls. I've only about 15 rows to go before the edging starts. So will probably finish it by next week as we are busy this weekend.

I've also been taking some pics of sunsets around the house. More to follow once I get a stronger broadband signal...( I wish!)

Monday, 20 April 2009


So with the intermittent internet access, I will now bombard you with a multitude of FO's. I'm still trying to destash in a big way and with everyone requesting dishcloths, it seemed like the way to go. In addition, having always wanted to make a tawashi.


Dishcloth - Peaches & Cream Ballband pattern

Bath mitt - Ballband pattern Sugar & Cream

Next my Ipod Nano perspex cover broke on queue and I had to scramble to find a pattern to knit. The Rockstar is quite precious of electronic things and would kill me if I dropped it sans cover. So I found an Ipod sock cover from iPod Sock by Jillian Neary. I've had to mod the pattern as the origional is meant for a much larger Ipod. I cast on 28 sts and k2, p2 to desired length. Fits like a glove. I used some left over sock yarn and the colours go well with my red Ipod.

Phew...what else...

Spiral socks with one skein of Noro sock yarn. These are for me! Yeah!

See my flickr or Ravelry projects for more pics of these.

And lastly, we rescued this little puppy from a local squatters camp. She very thin but has the best personality. Unfortunately I cannot keep her due to circumstances ( more about that when I have concrete news) so she will have to go to the local animal shelter ( unfortunately a kill shelter). So I'm posting pics of her in the hopes that someone will fall in love and adopt her. She white with black nose, eyes. Probably going to be the size of a spaniel ( not too small but not a large dog either). She was washed and given flea killer. Though I've been picking ticks from her coat. I think she would make a great pet. She isn't food aggresive ( I checked) but is very thin. She still has her puppy teeth so is still quite young. Please PM me if interested.

And finally, sleepy puppy after a very eventful day which included her first wash, more food that she would believe and seeing the inside of a house for the first time.

Enjoy the week!! mx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Am I sane?

I kinda feel like I'm not 'here' lately...weirdly so-there's no emotion at all. I am devoid of anything.

At the same time, I feel obsessed with a movie that i've seen. I don't know myself like this. Constantly thinking about the characters, the story, the music...what is going on? Have I lost it? Must be...

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Vintage patterns

On our wine tasting tour through the Stellenbosch winelands I came across a little Wool Shop. What are the chances. She didn't have a large stock of yarns, only a few brands really but she did have some ancient pattern books. Most of them are from the 1940's and in Afrikaans ( like dutch) but the patterns are fantastic and the pictures even more so!! I've attempted to document the books and will load all the pics onto my flickr account. Clicking on the images should take you there directly. I'm happy to translate the patterns if anyone wishes to knit anything.

Fishes and prisons part 1

Kirstenbosch, World of Birds and a Jackass

Pics Day 1

The view from Table Mountain and the mountain from the V&A Waterfront

I ain't dead...

Knitting News


No, I’m not dead. Just been very busy. With a long list of things to do, internet access was also a huge problem. Anyway, seems like I have some sort of connection now, though not regular.
So with so much news tell, I’ve not idea where to begin. I’ve been knitting up a storm. I finished one pair of socks with my last 2 balls of Drops Fabel, brought with from the UK. They knitted up beautifully! I’m so thoroughly jealous but they were destined for a friend. So I’ve had to say goodbye with a tear in my eye to those lovely socks. The pattern was easy and the effect much more impressive than the technique. It’s way easy to memorise. The thing that I liked the most was that it looks like cables, but it’s not.
I’ve started another pair of socks. I’m trying to use up my small stash that I have already accumulated here in South Africa. Most of these did come with me on the plane but I do have a few balls of local acrylic ( yukky!) and the yarn for my vintage knit. Anyway, the socks. The yarn is Noro Sock (like for the Ziggy socks) but I’m using a different pattern this time. These will be for me too. Again, very easy pattern and the effect, combined with the colour changing Noro is fab. I’m turning the heel on the second sock as we speak so will probably finish it late tonight or tomorrow.
The nice thing about both these pairs of socks is that I learnt new techniques in both. YEAH! In the first, there was no ribbing. Instead, a turned hem that is knitted in. I’ve never done that before. But the top looks nice and neat.

I also learnt a short row heel-loving this so much more than a normal heel. There are no decreases for the instep. And seems much quicker. YEAH 2! And lastly I learnt a new toe on the Noro pair. A pointed toe decrease based on antique patterns. YEAH 3! Who’d think that you could learn this much! I’m really chuffed.
What else have I done…..I’ve crochet a little cat – Virgo Kitten- for my little niece Megan. She turned one and I needed a present. This kitty crochet up easily. Pattern was easy to follow and the kitteh very cute. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that you can’t find any nice dolls eyes here. So I’ve had to embroider the nose and eyes. I’m not happy with them but had no other choice. Either way, the kitteh is cute. She’s been checking out the lake and ducks today!

Phew! Once my last pair of socks are done, I’m going to try to finish my vintage knit. It’s calling me from my knitting bag! Hahahah!!

Other news

I had a visit from a friend from the UK. Amy was in my knitting group while we lived there. She came through to South Africa for one week and stayed with us in Paarl, in the winelands. We had a massive itinerary covering the whole of Cape Town.
Day 1- settling in to South Africa and the warm weather.
Day 2 – Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Bus ride covering most of the CBD and over the mountain to Camps Bay
Day 3 – Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, World of Birds, Jackass Penguins at Boulders Beach
Day 4 – Wine Route wine tasting at Fairview, Graham Beck, Boschendal
Day 5 – Aquarium, Robben Island ( where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned)
Day 6 –Cape Town markets visit
Day 7 - Last day lunch and flight back to UK
Did I mention it as really hot here?! I have a proper driving arm tan, complete with white watch strap tan! Not COOL! But there isn’t much that you could do about it.
And for now, I’m out of work and enjoying the leisurely life of the unemployed. Knitting my days away. Oh and listening to the Twilight audiobooks. Love them! Their just so damned expensive. THANKS FOR NOTHING ITUNES!