Monday, 29 October 2007

Yippeeeee, sock yarn arrived!!

Well, how happy am I. Last week was very eventful. Firstly, ordered some yarn from a Lionbrand Distributor in the UK and lo and behold, it arrives the very next day!! Now that is what I call service!! Thank you Julie.
Then also ordered some sock yarn and again, received it the next day!! How excited am I?!! It is lovely and I promise to add some pics tonight.
My friend Karen had her birthday on Saturday. It was a Gangsters and Flapper party. We had such a ball!! It was loads of fun dressing in the clothes. I even got a black bob wig as my very long, curly hair didn't suit the theme. We did some research on the make up and jewellery.
Check these...

Monday, 22 October 2007

Sock Yarn on the way

Oh how excited am I. I just stumbled upon Garnstudio Drops Fable yarn. Dirt cheap at £1.80 per ball and colours are quite exciting. I have just decided that all female family members will be receiving a pair of socks for Christmas. I have to think ahead as I am leaving for home (Cape Town) early December. So no time for knitting or shopping after that. There are also many patterns on the website so worth having a look...

New knitting Mag

I bought the new 'Let's Knit' magazine on the weekend. I was quite impressed with the magazine! Well done guys! There are some nice articles including new cheaper yarns and interesting sites to visit. I think that I will be buying this one again!!

Fantastic Rugby

So, having a busy weekend, kept me from knitting which was a bit disappointing to say the least. But, having won the World Cup Rugby ( I'm South African you see) sure made up for it!! What an exciting day. I was thoroughly exhausted yesterday and spent the day on hangover recovery! Ha!
But am in the process of buying some nice Lion Brand yarn to start a new project here . I'm still busy with some socks for a friend but am having some trouble with the sizing. She is tiny with a child's size 2 foot. So far, all childrens sock patterns are for babies so I am having to adjust and rip out as I go along. It's a bit time consuming. I like things QUICK! Anyway, looking forward to the week to finish some things and start some warm and cozy goodies!! It's getting a bit chilly

Friday, 12 October 2007

Completed knits

I'm quite proud of this one. It is my first ever completed knit that is wearable (LOL). It is Dawn by Sarah Hutton done in Rowan Summer Tweed from The Kasbah Collection. It's stretched a bit but could be that I knitted it on the larger size. Ideally I should have gone with the small size.

Completed knits

Ok, so found some more goes....
PS... my newest obsession is socks..expect to see a lot more!

Completed knits

I decided to add some pics to the blog of items that I completed. Some ( I admit) were completed in the early stages of 'relearn knitting' and so probably isn't something to brag about. However, just to remind myself of how far I've come, I add them here for your amusement!! Enjoy!

Hallo MishiBaby!

So I finally decided to start recording all my knitting madness in one place. And here I am....MishiBaby goes live!! So let's start at the beginning....
I was taught how to knit in primary school and forgot it all soon after, probably because we were asked to knit an elephant! How difficult is that for a 12 year old?! It wasn't until I spent some time in hospital that I needed something to keep my mind of things. So I bought some wool and needles and attempted a scarf-like everyone else i guess. And it all went mad from there on. I discovered yarn-GORGEOUS yarns. I have never looked back....