Friday, 29 February 2008

Having a day off

I'm off today and am just enjoying having nothing to do...I do have things to do but can't be bothered. Being so stressed this week, I just felt like a needed a day off. I have lots to do this weekend. I've joined the RSPCA and am now on the committee as the treasurer. And being financial year-end, there are loads of accounts to finish off-that's in addition to studies...don't know when I'll do that?!! (eek!)
My ankle is also a bit sore-think I twisted it and it is swollen every night when I get home. But I can't be arsed to go to the gp.

Ok so 3 happy things from yesterday:
1. I say the cutest puppy on the bus. It was gorgeous. A black cocker spaniel. But the most beautiful colour and so friendly. It was just sitting there, so well behaved! Love it!
2. Finished a lot o - NO-not speaking about work. Had a nice minute or so on Putney bridge enjoying the view over the Thames whilst waiting for the bus. It was beautiful-loads of birds out.
3. Had a nice chat to a friend this morning who is in similar situation as mine. She always makes me laugh!! Really appreciate her friendship! Thanks Leza!!!

Ok, so back to doing nothing. Might even put some washing in....

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ravelry Angels

Today some angels came to my all the Ravelry angels who gave me hugs....Much love!! I'm feeling better today but still not looking forward to work. But will work on staying positive.xxxxx
P.S I read some great advice today..from now on, I will write down 3 good things that I did today or that made me happy, as a reminder of all the good things in my life!
So here goes:
1. I did very well on a typing test today! Whoo hee!
2. I'm had impromptu lunch with my best friend and had a nice girly chat
3. I stood up for an elderly lady on the bus


Ravelry Discworld swap

I joined Ravelry and WHAT A GREAT PLACE!!! OMG!!! I am so addicted! For those of you who haven't checked it out, DO IT NOW!!
Anyway, I joined a group called 'The Discworld "I'm just sending this box so my partner can have cardboard for their boots and I was guilted into putting stuff in it" Swap'. I was paired with Tsuki. And just look at all the great things she sent me...

I got 3 balls of Noro (my favourite!) Silk Mountain, 2 balls of Panda Cotton, some lovely black cat stitch markers ( these remind me of my Daisy who was killed by someone very evil), Yorkshire biscuits for cheese, Vampire relish, some Discworld stamps and The Fifth Elephant from Terry Pratchett. All GREAT!! I almost started a new project with the Noro but am not allowed! HAVE TO FINISH OLD THINGS!! Dammit!! They're calling me...

Long time so see

Wow, I haven't written anything for a while. I have been so busy with university, holidays etc...
We went to South Africa for Christmas to see the family. What a good time! We had great weather, saw great friends and ate really well. OH thinks he's gained about 10kg! hahaha!
Anyway, I have decided to try and finish all those projects that lie around and NOT start a new one.....damn, so far it has been very difficult! Will keep you updated..