Monday, 28 July 2008

Best weekend ever!

I've had like the best weekend ever!!! We went camping for the first time in a looooong while! And luckily for us, the british weather was on our side! Can't believe it.
We headed down to Wiltshire and stayed in Brokerswood-smallish campsite ideally suited for families. They have loads of things for the kids to do..not so much for the adults i.e. us!
We did visit Longleat on Saturday and it was absolutely fabulous. We got to see lion, giraffe, tigers, wolves. We handfed some deer. The monkeys stripped the rubber off the car aerial and a rhino thumped someone else's car with his horn right in front of us! Scary! I also got to hold a snake...not scary at all. I could go on and on and on......really was a great day out. Here's is a monkey being.....well, a monkey!

They were all over this poor guy but I think secretly he liked it!!!
This is Longleat House....

And me, knitting of course!

I managed to finish two dishclothes for my mommy.
I really did have a good time...pity is was so short...oh well.....

I'll leave you with...

Oh and I'm not as old as you think. I can still do a cartwheel......see exhibit A

Over and out...

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Look!! It's me!!! Second one down!

New Knitting group! Yeah!

Last night was the first official meeting of the Wandsworth knitting group. There were 5 of us in total. We'd arranged to meet at the station but no-one knew what each other looked like. So everyone had their knitting out-hoping to be spotted by fellow knitters! Anyway, we mosey'ed (?) on down to the local pub, grabbed a funky corner and started knitting/ chatting. What fun! Everyone was really nice and all were working on some really different things. We had a Dalek toilet roll cover, lovely cable cardigan, my Megathy, something for a baby and another lovely scoop neck cardigan. I think everyone got on well enough. A few pints later and all were happily chatting away. All in all, a very good first meet up. I'll have to try and recruit some more members! We did have one REALLY drunk irish guy who's mouth literally hung open at the sight of us!!!! He was soooo pissed.Hahahaha!!
Anyway, thank you to everyone who came and see you next week!!

And this morning, at about 7h30, someone knocks on the front door. I literally have a heart attack cause I'm in my pajamas and the rockstar is in the bath. So run to the door and there is the postman?! Package for ME!! It's my World Yarn Swap package from Karson in the US!!! WHOOOHEEEEE!!! It's like Christmas!!! Man, I ripped that box open faster than you can say zip! Karson recommended some Knitpicks Wool from the Andes. It was actually a very good suggestion. I have been planning on making the 'Learn to Knit Afghan' for some time now. I do know who to knit, of course, but like the idea of all the different patterns. Anyway, so I picked 4 lovely colours-Jalapeno, Blackberry, Lullaby and Fairy Tale. These arrived this morning along with a treasure chest of goodies-4 mixed cd's of music, 2 bracelets, 1 ring, 1 Kentucky fridge magnet, loads of sweeties!! I'm so happy. I'm already sitting here at work planning the colour schemes for the Afghan. That said, I don't have the book but have had a look at other people's finished projects and have figured out all the stitches! (sneaky I know!!)
Anyway, so I'd better do some work now-the dork isn't in today but I know he will check up on my next week! Booooo!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Shalom pic

Here are some very bad pics of my Shalom...Sorry, I still haven't replaced my broken digital camera...I'm a poor student! And would much rather buy yarn than a camera...hahaahha!!

Anyway, pic.....

Knitting update..

I've had a marathon of knitting this weekend. Firstly I finished the dishcloth and it looks GORGEOUS! And you know what, even the rockstar likes it. Says it's nice and thick and dries quickly. I think I have converted him! mwwaaahahahahaha (Dr Evil laugh).
It really is quite a nice dishcloth if I have to say so myself. The pattern really shows off the colours nicely and 'thickens' it slightly. I've used Rowan cotton before for a previous red washcloth and while it's done it's job, I can really see and feel a difference in the Peaches and Cream. So much so that I've just ordered another £15 worth! Oops!! I ordered some blue and a mad mixture of red/green/ yellow for my mom-who picked the colours. She's just had a new kitchen sink put in ( with her Christmas money from us!) and is all excited. So I offered to knit her some new dishcloths.

Then, on Friday, after I finished the dishcloth, I started on the Shalom Sweater and I've literally just finished it at work since the boss isn't here. What a fast knit!! And nice too!! I'm already thinking of gifting possibilities. And my own version...I'll post a picture as soon as I get home.
Aahh...just heard that a friend is being posted back to South Africa from the UK. Her visa has been denied. She's really sad! :-(
Anyway, on another front...I received weekly emails from the Wandsworth Freecycle group. So last week someone posted a question asking about a knitting group in Wandsworth. After to-ing and fro-ing a bit, I realised that this person isn't on Ravelry(!), asked her to join and then posted the question on the London Ravellers board. And lo and behold, we have 4 members to the all new Wandsworth knitting group. We'll be meeting up tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) outside Wandsworth Town station at 7. So if anyone is interested....come around!


I just watched the weather and we're finally going to have some nice weather!! Whohee!!! We are going camping this weekend near Longleat. I always watch Animal Park (sad, I know). So I'm very excited that we are finally having some nice weather. No-one in the UK like camping and I don't really blame them i the weather is horrible. But in South Africa we always have great weather and camping is FABULOUS!! We used to go into the mountains in the Cedarberg mountains. You have to drive over the mountain on a gravel road which is very treacherous and down the other side into the valley. The Beaverlac campsite is in the middle of nowhere-you don't even have a mobile signal and there is only a tiny little shop. So if you wanted something other than what the shop sells, you have to drive back over the mountain to the the nearest town 1 hour away! Here is a picture....

Wish I was there now...

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Current projects - Pic heavy!

Ok so I thought I'd update you lot on my current projects...I started a new dishcloth last night. It's in Peaches n Cream that I received from an anonymous donor from the 'Random Acts of Kindness' group on Ravelry. I have always wanted some Peaches but it's hard to find in the UK. Anyway, someone sent me a package anonymously all the way from the US! So I've started the DW Darrell Waltrip Dishcloth in Spring Meadows. And it knits up gorgeously!

I've also got the Phildar Gilet #460-T6-281 on the needles. Looking ok but I'm doubting the colour...I don't even know why I picked that colour. Oh well, I have a feeling that it might be one of those hibernation projects....poo!

And I've joined the Ravelympic! I'm in Team GB and will be competing in the Holiday to practice!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Me, myself and Irene

OMG!! How hectic has these past few weeks been?!?!?! I apologise for the absense. The main reason was a bastard of an exam -Strategic Management- which had to be written on Monday past (14th). I studied my brains out-it literally came out my eye (more about that later). Well, the exam went ok. As expected I guess. I'm more of a mathematical person so the SM was a bit hard. Give me a sum, I'll give you the answer. Ask me to critically evaluate the implementation of the processual perspective on strategic management on an organisation of my choice, and I'll run, FAST! Anyhoo, it's over and done and I better pass because I have no intention of rewriting it.

My eye on the other hand, has been on it's own mission. A few months ago it decided to grow a third eye on my eyelid. So with all the stress and lack of rest/ proper food/ knitting, it decided to manifest itself in my lashes! A massively yellow bump, very angry and painful. I tried the whole of Saturday to open it up but it was soooo sore...anyway, I'll spare you the gory details.

So I finally have time to knit again...and I've bought loads of yarn in the Peter Jones sale...omg...hiding the bag from the Rockstar! I've started the Fern and Waves scarf with some Rowan Kidsilk spray that I got at the sale. Very nice pink. I also bought the black sparkly version.
Picture here...
I also finished the Lelah top and wanted to wear it for my birthday but ran out of yarn like 1" from finishing. So bought some and finished it later. It's AWESOME!!! I'm definately making it in a different colour-maybe black for a more formal look. Here it is ( attached to me)
I'm going to make some removable icord straps for it too.

I've also started the Phildar sweater in cream from this post. It's one of those knits that takes forever because you have to change yarns every 2 rows. It sure looks nice but will probably only be finished next year-the rate I'm going!! I also have to concentrate so much that I can't watch tv, which defeat the objective of tv knitting. I like simple things for tv and the more complicated things for the bus/ train. Oh well, here it is in any case...(excuse bad photos, I still don't have a digital camera after the last one broke)

I do actually have quite a bit of knitting to here is my list of to-do's for the rest of the year....
-Evening Shrug by Purlbee in Debbie Bliss Cathay black for ME
-One skein wonder by Glampyre knits
-Econo shopper mesh by In my shoes in some Rowan Damask
-Megathy by Frances Otero in Rowan Handknit cotton
-another Pinwheel sweater for the boss's little girl

That's quite a list so I'd better start!

And lastly, my friends' new puppy Nooga....AAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Not dead.......

.........Just studying REAL HARD.....

So in the words of Terminator.....I'll be back...soon after I scrape up my brains off the desk. Strategic Management is KILLER!
ps..finally got my Tocco last a charm!