Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vintage Pattern: Maryke

OK, first vintage pattern translated from Afrikaans. This pattern is from the book: Die Breiboek vir die Huisgesin, nr 2. Dates from approximately 1940. I've translated word for word so if anything seems confusing, give me a shout and I'll look at the original pattern again.

Keep in mind that vintage patterns use old needle sizes so look for todays equivalent here
I'd love to see some pictures if anyone knits these up!! Good luck!!



A practical pullover in light pastel colours for fresh autumn days

Length: 21”
Breast: 36”
Underarm: 18”
Middle: 27”
Gauge: 7 st = 1”
16oz 4ply wool; 1 pair no. 10 needles, 1 pair no. 12 needles, 1 set double pointed needles no. 12, 1 zip 14” long, 1 set of shoulder pads
Pattern 1 = k2, p2
Pattern 2 = With right side facing: 1st row - * k1, slip 1 st purlwise with yarn in front*, 2nd row – purl. Repeat these two rows but alternating the slip stitch and knit stitch every other row.

Cast on 89 st and knit 4” in pattern 1 on size 12 needles. Switch to size 10 needles and knit pattern 2 until work measures 12,5”. Next cast off the middle stitch and knit the two parts separately for the back opening. When the work measures 17,5” excluding ribbing, cast off for shoulders as follows: on every other row, cast off 7 st 4 times at the sleeve edge. Then cast off remaining stitches.

Knit as for the back without the neck opening. When the front measures 15”, cast off as follows: first cast off middle stitch. Then cast off on neck edge on every alternative row: 4, 3, 2 x 2, 2x1 st. When the front equals the back in length, shape shoulders as back.

SLEEVES AND SIDES ( knitted as one piece)
Cast on 44 st on size 12 needles and knit in pattern 1 for 2,5” as follows: slip 1, k2, p2, to end on every row.
Now start increasing as follows: There are 10 increases on a needle every 2” on size 10 needles.
1st row: slip 1, k2, m1p (pick up yarn between stitches and twist, purl stitch), p2, k2, p2, m1p, k2, m1p, p2, k2. Repeat until 10 stitches have been increased on the row.
2nd row: knit/ purl all stitches as they appear i.e. knit a knit stitch, purl a purl
Repeat the increases a total of 7 times every 2” in pattern for a total of 10 stitches per row. The last row should be: k2, p9 (114 st on needles)
Knit in pattern until work measures 17”.
Increase as follows for side panels: Cast on 5 stitches at the beginning of each row and knit in pattern k2, p9. Increase 12x5 stitches on both sides until 60 stitches have been added. Knit 6 rows without increasing. Cast of 5 stitches at the beginning of every row 20 times until 34 st remain. Bind off remaining.

Block. Seam shoulder seams. Attach the side panel section just above the rib section with right sides together. Then seam underarm seam and rib together. Pick up 17st at each side of back neck edge with double pointed needles. And 66 on front neck edge. Knit the 100 stitches in pattern 1 for 1,75”. Bind off and attach to inside of neck. Using a crochet needle, crochet a row of tight stitches around the back opening and sew zipper in place. Sew shoulder pads in place.

Recent knitting

Last night I finished my Cowl. What an easy and beautiful knit. The yarn has really made the project. The yarn is from Vinnis Colours Bambi - a cotton and bamboo mix. I have noticed something similar on Ravelry called Be Sweet. I think it may be the same supplier. Anywoo, the cowl...



It's unblocked but that sucker is soaking right now. And I just need to get a button. But other than that, I'm very happy.

Second little project was this little guy..
I just needed some instant satisfaction knitting. No clue what to do with him though! Hahah!!

And just off the blocking mat....


Front done, back done, sleeve done. Just one little sleeve to go!!

Of course, I made the stupid mistake while in SA to make dishcloths for all the mothers/ mother-in-laws. Now I'm suddenly getting requests from all fronts, wanting more dishcloths. Meh!! Lucky for me, I was in a swap with 2 very nice ladies from the US. I requested both sock yarn and Peaches and Cream cotton. I pick my own colours which was nice. I still need to photograph the one package but this was the other one.
Just look at all the lovely sock yarn!! Yeah! Weirdly enough, you can't find sock yarn here in HK. Only very thin crochet cotton mostly. Now granted, with high daily temperatures, people probably don't need knitted sock. But I'm sure in winter, they'll come in handy. Anyway, they have been bagged and put away for when I finish my super queue on Ravelry.
I'll have to look for some nice sock patterns. And the leftovers will go to my sock yarn blanket.

ps..little kittens on the roof disappeared last week. I was really upset. But momma cat brought them back this week. Both are looking well. I also got a quick look at momma who is a tabby.
Enjoy the week. I'm going to translate the first vintage pattern now.


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Vintage patterns

Seeing as I'm sitting at home, I decided to slowly start translating my book of vintage Afrikaans knitting patterns and will be posting them on the sight as I get through them. There are some really nice designs and I've already queued one on Ravelry.
I've done quite a bit of knitting while in Hong Kong.

Oh I've just seen a street cat and her kittens on the roof of building next door. I'm very worried as the kittens look about a week old and it's a straight 9 floor drop down. There is nothing to keep them from falling off! EEKK! I think I might call the SPCA right away. It's probably a feral cat but gosh. Those kittens won't live if they fall. And they are under a sheet metal roof in the 30 degree sun. mmm....look I managed to get a picture. Damn you! Why do I always spot the cats and dogs in need!!!!!!

This is momma with one of the babies. There are two I think.

And they are on top of the white building on the left ( with the washing).