Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Vintage patterns

Seeing as I'm sitting at home, I decided to slowly start translating my book of vintage Afrikaans knitting patterns and will be posting them on the sight as I get through them. There are some really nice designs and I've already queued one on Ravelry.
I've done quite a bit of knitting while in Hong Kong.

Oh I've just seen a street cat and her kittens on the roof of building next door. I'm very worried as the kittens look about a week old and it's a straight 9 floor drop down. There is nothing to keep them from falling off! EEKK! I think I might call the SPCA right away. It's probably a feral cat but gosh. Those kittens won't live if they fall. And they are under a sheet metal roof in the 30 degree sun. mmm....look I managed to get a picture. Damn you! Why do I always spot the cats and dogs in need!!!!!!

This is momma with one of the babies. There are two I think.

And they are on top of the white building on the left ( with the washing).

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