Monday, 3 November 2008

I love this...

I just saw this and loved it!

I love how there is knitting everywhere in the picture! It feels like one of those where's wally things where you have to find/ identify something..I mean...there are about 4 hats, various necklaces, long sleeve knits, short sleeve magoodies and strange ruffly things. Who knows what else lurks in the recesses of that outfit.

This weekend has been kinda weird. I realised that we are actually a very happy, easy going couple and that some people may have more relationship problems than they think. Which is kinda scary for the person in question.We quite happily watch TV without fighting over remote controls and which program to watch. I like to knit in front of the TV so will watch any mindless crap. The Rockstar likes MTV, which isn't too bad considering that he doesn't like football (YEAH FOR ME!!) But witnessing friends fight over petty nonsense this weekend has really made me appreciate the Rockstar and the fact that he accepts me stash, needles and all!
OK enough of that...

I'm at work counting the days until I leave here. Have I told you my boss is an idiot?? I have a mountain of filing to do which belongs to him. Nothing gets my beef up more than someone that shoves their work onto me. He literally took his 30cm high pile of paperwork from his in tray and dumped it in mine?!! AND there is another pile waiting for me on the floor next to my desk. I'm so seriously pissed off but know that my time here is limited so I should just do it already. But I'm still pissed! I'm not a secretary or PA to him at all. But he's not here today-working from home(!). So I Absolute Radio on streaming (Garbage is playing now-Stupid Girl. How appropriate.) and will be going for lunch soon before tackling the heap of madness.

So whilst wasting time I have come across these. You might have noticed that I like Hello Kitty.
This snazzy cardigan

I like this Darth Vader-ish coat

WANT WANT WANT (1,000,000,000)


Amy said...

You could just not work on the piles of work your boss gives you (that isn't your work). What is your boss going to do, fire you? :-)

Anonymous said...

petting nonsense....or petty nonsense? (either could work, but it would make for quite different arguments!)

Mish said...

Haha!! I'm such an idiot! Fixed!!