Sunday, 2 November 2008

I'm baaaaaccckkkk!!

Yeah baby. One nightmare move over and time to move on..literally! That was probably the most stressful move ever since we had to get rid of many things that we didn't want to pay shipping for. In the end, we just donated most to the local charity shop. We also managed to get rid of all the furniture, which was my biggest worry. I just didn't have the energy to break down the furniture and carry it down four floors. Luckily for us the landlord has taken it over from us and is returning our whole deposit! Whoo!! Well, we did leave the flat in a perfectly clean condition after working like a slave. Once again, the difference between man and woman was very apparent. While I cleaned the living room, bathroom, toilet (separate room), spare bedroom and main bedroom, he cleaned the kitchen only!!!! Took his time!! I eventually shooed him out and finished the job myself!

Anyway, we are now settled in with friends not far from our previous flat. While I'm writing this, I can hear a multitude of fireworks going off. You'd swear I lived in a war zone! We have a pretty nice room and actually feel like we're in a hotel. So now we have a month left before d-day. I have 6 days of work left and I CAN'T WAIT! YAH!
As our friends have taken us in, I have offered to knit their little dachshund a sweater-he's always cold. His name is Rufus. I have quite a bit of Lion Brand Wool Ease left in green. I've started the 102-43 Knitted dogcoat in ”Karisma” with cable pattern by DROPS design in a medium size but will have to lengthen it for obvious reasons.

It's quite a pretty pattern but filled with cables of all sizes and types. So only one month to finish this.

Yesterday we went out for a meal in London at Spaghetti House -best Italian pasta house! And I saw this...

That's right! It's a WALL OF YARN!!! Granted it's machine knitting but it's still yarn! It was in the Benetton window I think and really impressive!!!

And finally I bought awesome!!!

All I can say is....THEY TASTED GREAT!

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