Monday, 20 April 2009


So with the intermittent internet access, I will now bombard you with a multitude of FO's. I'm still trying to destash in a big way and with everyone requesting dishcloths, it seemed like the way to go. In addition, having always wanted to make a tawashi.


Dishcloth - Peaches & Cream Ballband pattern

Bath mitt - Ballband pattern Sugar & Cream

Next my Ipod Nano perspex cover broke on queue and I had to scramble to find a pattern to knit. The Rockstar is quite precious of electronic things and would kill me if I dropped it sans cover. So I found an Ipod sock cover from iPod Sock by Jillian Neary. I've had to mod the pattern as the origional is meant for a much larger Ipod. I cast on 28 sts and k2, p2 to desired length. Fits like a glove. I used some left over sock yarn and the colours go well with my red Ipod.

Phew...what else...

Spiral socks with one skein of Noro sock yarn. These are for me! Yeah!

See my flickr or Ravelry projects for more pics of these.

And lastly, we rescued this little puppy from a local squatters camp. She very thin but has the best personality. Unfortunately I cannot keep her due to circumstances ( more about that when I have concrete news) so she will have to go to the local animal shelter ( unfortunately a kill shelter). So I'm posting pics of her in the hopes that someone will fall in love and adopt her. She white with black nose, eyes. Probably going to be the size of a spaniel ( not too small but not a large dog either). She was washed and given flea killer. Though I've been picking ticks from her coat. I think she would make a great pet. She isn't food aggresive ( I checked) but is very thin. She still has her puppy teeth so is still quite young. Please PM me if interested.

And finally, sleepy puppy after a very eventful day which included her first wash, more food that she would believe and seeing the inside of a house for the first time.

Enjoy the week!! mx

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Aberdonian said...

Great FOs! I particularly like the little Tawashi thingies. Which pattern did you use?

I hope the little puppy finds an owner.