Sunday, 28 June 2009

A lot of knitting!

Phew. WIth so much time on my hands, I've been able to do a lot of knitting and even found a local knitting group in Hong Kong. I finished my little shrug.

It fits like a dream and is exactly what I needed. The colour looks very black on the pictures but it's more of a charcoal. Really nice. I may make another with one less repeat in the width to make it narrower.

Then I've started another new project from my queue on Ravelry. That is the Spiral Cowl by Keri McKiernan. I'm using some Vinni's colours Bambi that I bought while in South Africa. Its a cotton/ bamboo mix in a lovely seagreen/ turq colour. The pattern is a nice mindless one and very similar to the 1000rpm socks.
I'm really like this yarn and the stitch definition apart from the fact that it has stained my Denise needle tips. :-(

I've also managed to finish a shopping bag from some local unknown yarn. I think its a cotton/ acrylic blend. You can clearly see the cotton and then something shiny inbetween. The pattern is the Monteagle Bag by Ann Hahn Buechner. Many people seems to have difficulty with the pattern. It had a bunch of new stitches that I've never used or heard of before. But I found this exciting rather than daunting. The base has a cross over stitch which is ended off with a horizontal stitch.

Next is the complicated stitch for some people. Its a weird twisted knot. You wrap the yarn around the outside of both needles 5 times. This leaves bunches behind which is later pulled out.
This is the before with bunches...

And this is after it's unravelled...

And this is the bag before unravelling and after unravelling. See how it grows!

And the finished bag in use.

I love this bag and again, will probably make it again but with a lighter weight yarn.
And I've committed to finishing my vintage sweater. I really want to get it done. Right now I've finished the back and one sleeve. And I've cast on the front and knitted about 4". So really working it. The sock yarn blanket is on going.


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