Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Oh the joys!

Oh the joys of trying to be a responsible person.

You know, just when you think that you are doing some good, it all backfires in your face spectacularly. Why even bother?? I won't go into laborious details-but let's just say that the shitpile that I am in, cannot get any deeper.

Studies are going S...L...O...W!! I have the stupid Finance assignment due in a week and feel like it is on quantum physics or something. I honestly think we got the MBA assignment. That would explain a lot!! And still need to study for the Marketing exam one week after that...

Balls balls BALLS!!

Oh yeah..some more London pics. I kinda notice a trend here..i.e. loads of Putney Bridge pics. Well, I just travel across it every day and change busses on it, so it makes a great scene in the mornings and evenings. I will make an effort to look for other subjects.

Also, started a Pinwheel sweater for my sister-in-laws unborn. Coming along fine although I had trouble with the sleeve inset. Very confusing pattern there. See pics....

Ravelry played the fool on us today. I had so much fun. All our ravatars were given funny little hats-mine was a chef hat! haha! Buttons moved around when you wanted to use them and strange and rather amusing 'books' were added to our libraries...HILARIOUS! Thanks Casey, Jess and Bob.

Ok, pic time..

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