Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Rain Rain go away...

Oh don't you just love the English weather in April?! Not really. Today it is proper pissing and it has been forecast just so for the rest of the week. Dammit! I just want summer to begin already! And I mean PROPER SUMMER!! I don't even remember the last time that I wore my bikini.It must be moth eaten by now.

I've almost finished the second baby pinwheel sweater. It's looking ok. Though I don't like the brown ring I put in. Too late. It will just have to do. In the mean time, a friend in the US has had a baby boy called Zander (congrats Marise!). His daddy is a real rock dad and sometimes sports a mohawk. This has prompted me to knit little Zander something COOL! You know, not baby blue or mint green. But something awesome like a hat with Megadeath emblazoned on the front or something to that effect. Not sure yet. Maybe a little mohawk hat...mmm...have to think about this one.
Otherwise, the man flu victim is almost fully recovered although it took all my power not to put him out of his misery!!! And to top it all, he asks me to buy him some medicine and then refuses to drink it! MEN! Pah!
I just read on the Ravelry boards that they are having a Ravelry party!!!! AAwwwwwww!! How I wish I lived in the seriously. If it wasn't for my green mamba passport (that South African to those who don't know) I'd be there in a flash. Thinking of Canada too...anyone need an assistant that's excellent at everything??!! I'm good, I promise!!

Oh well, dreams of US aside, school has started again so my nose will be back in the books soon. I'm writing a Strategic Management exam and a Strategic HR assignment. I want to start the SM soon as it is a textbook the size of an encyclopedeia! (sigh)


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