Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Rain Rain go away...

Oh don't you just love the English weather in April?! Not really. Today it is proper pissing and it has been forecast just so for the rest of the week. Dammit! I just want summer to begin already! And I mean PROPER SUMMER!! I don't even remember the last time that I wore my bikini.It must be moth eaten by now.

I've almost finished the second baby pinwheel sweater. It's looking ok. Though I don't like the brown ring I put in. Too late. It will just have to do. In the mean time, a friend in the US has had a baby boy called Zander (congrats Marise!). His daddy is a real rock dad and sometimes sports a mohawk. This has prompted me to knit little Zander something COOL! You know, not baby blue or mint green. But something awesome like a hat with Megadeath emblazoned on the front or something to that effect. Not sure yet. Maybe a little mohawk hat...mmm...have to think about this one.
Otherwise, the man flu victim is almost fully recovered although it took all my power not to put him out of his misery!!! And to top it all, he asks me to buy him some medicine and then refuses to drink it! MEN! Pah!
I just read on the Ravelry boards that they are having a Ravelry party!!!! AAwwwwwww!! How I wish I lived in the seriously. If it wasn't for my green mamba passport (that South African to those who don't know) I'd be there in a flash. Thinking of Canada too...anyone need an assistant that's excellent at everything??!! I'm good, I promise!!

Oh well, dreams of US aside, school has started again so my nose will be back in the books soon. I'm writing a Strategic Management exam and a Strategic HR assignment. I want to start the SM soon as it is a textbook the size of an encyclopedeia! (sigh)


Thursday, 24 April 2008


Ahh there you go...

Oh no MAN FLU!!!

Oh me dear lord. HE HAS MANFLU!!!

Sniffling, snuffling, grunting..oh the misery. I think the woman suffers more under manflu than the man himself. He didn't move from the couch today. I left him in his underwear on the couch, playing on the laptop, and FOUND him on the couch in his underwear, playing on the laptop. Oh the joy!
Meanwhile, I've been at college, listening to a very exciting Strategic Human Resources class (NOT!) and trying not to nod off noticable...kinda hard when you sit 3 feet from the lecturer! hahaha!

I'm still not sure what to do about the Tudora. I've been given some advice to handsoak and apply hair conditioner. Didn't work. It still feels kinda scratchy. What a loss...I think I'll send it in any case and if my mom doesn't like it, then so be it. At least it was a 100 hour knit. I can deal with losing a 3 hour knit. I've also started another pinwheel. Purely because I wanted to use up some half skeins of yarn. Pic here.....

I also ordered enough yarn for 2 new projects. I planning on starting the Gilet Canasta on page 20 and after that the Pull Castel Manhattan on page 11. These are both from the Phildar Tendances No.460. I bought this one from the Phildar website for only 2 euros. Bargain. Then added to other catalogues too as I felt bad for having them post just one all the way from France to the UK. So I also got a crochet pattern catalogue no.471 with some great summer crochet pieces. And then a smallish catalogue No 550 with about 5 patterns or so. The knitted and lined coat on the cover is a defo knit!
Anyway, Mr Manflu got his bonus today and I decided to take advantage seeing as he is planning on spending it on a new Mac...something about recording music..blah blah blah....The Phildar site is so super confusing! My catalogues are in French...needless to say, I don't speak French, so still have to figure out the patterns. But if you log onto the site in english, it doesn't allow you to see the french patterns and vice versa. So I had to log onto the site in french and try to order yarn that way. Let me tell you, it isn't easy..even with the help of Babelfish. The good thing is that you find the catalogue that you own, find the pattern on the related page, and select your size. And the site automatically picks the correct amount of yarn with a colour chart of available colours. I chose a nice turq blue for the Gilet and the given cream for the other. Now it just needs to arrive. I'm soooo excited!
ETA..having trouble adding the new pinwheel pics and crochet catalogue...will try in a separate post
Ok his highness has relocated back to the couch..let me serve....

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

It's the Itchy and Scratchy shooooowwww!!

Mmm.. I pretty much finished my mom's Tudora and now think that it might be scratchy...BALLS! It sure feels like it will itch. Of course, I don't remember if my mom is 'itch' sensitive but can't ask's a gift, isn't it. Mmm...anyone with suggestions, please help me out here.

OH is on a diet. It's high protein and involves me making egg white omelettes every morning. He was on Weight Watchers for a bit but didn't seem to lose anything, even though I fell though my own arse. Anyhoo, he has actually lost 0.8kg in a week. RESULT! Unfortunately he works in the fine wine trade so it's kinda a bit difficult to cut out the alcohol. But I WILL WIN!!

Oh check out Velvet Cerebellum. I LOVE it when the doggie highjacks the pc...hehehe...

Ps..why don't men wring out the dish cloth?? Tired of a wet, stinky cloth....

Sunday, 20 April 2008

South African food-njummies!!

Mmmm... I'm so stuffed! We had a good evening last night. I made Bobotie, yellow rice with raisins, stewed sweet potato, sweetcorn bread (home made!), melktert and koeksisters. I definitely ate too much! We have so much leftovers that we are pretty much sorted for lunch today. I'm off to have melktert for breakfast....bad SOOO BAD!!!

I've also started the Tudora for my mom.

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Just a pic of the Lamb's pride and my next project..
Gotto go make some bobotie....

So much to do, so little time

My, have I been busy. I have been studying my ass off for a marketing exam and working on a Financial Management assignment all at the same time. Needless to say, I am totally knackered. Covered in zits and addicted to coffee and cookies - my staple study diet. The assignment was THE ASSIGNMENT FROM HELL. What a load of bollocks. It didn't relate to our coursework at all and in my opinion, was more of a MBA level. Not BA (Hons). It was on Marks and Spencers UK and was so intense that I was in tears several times. Apparently I wasn't alone. I heard after that several students never handed it in and others went through the same rollercoaster ride of emotions. Man, all I can say is that is crap deluxe!
Anyway, so didn't even have a minute to relax and knit something. But I did manage to finish the a little stripey baby cardigan. It is the Child Pinwheel Sweater. Get it here or here on Ravelry. It's gorgeous. I just have to send it on. I did become an auntie again! Whoohoo! Little Megan was taken out last week Friday at 7 in the morning and was a picture of good health ( also a little mini me of my brother). So I have a bit of knitting to do for her.

Otherwise I trying to recover from all the studying. College starts again next week so we aren't even allowed a break. In the mean time, I received some lovely yarn that I ordered a while ago - Lamb's Pride in Kiwi, Roasted Coffee and Lemon Drop. Now the yellow isn't something that I would ordinarily buy but I was hoping to knit my mother the Tudora as their work uniform is part yellow (she works for JCB). She hates the colours. Can't say that I am really fond of them either but hey...
Anyway, she will be receiving a yellow Tudora.

Well, husband dearest have been keeping me busy this weekend. My first off weekend and I am being dragged off everywhere. No time to sit still and knit for a bit. Tonight I have to put forth a whole traditional South African dinner for an Italian friend. Really don't feel like it. Oh I go...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Oh the joys!

Oh the joys of trying to be a responsible person.

You know, just when you think that you are doing some good, it all backfires in your face spectacularly. Why even bother?? I won't go into laborious details-but let's just say that the shitpile that I am in, cannot get any deeper.

Studies are going S...L...O...W!! I have the stupid Finance assignment due in a week and feel like it is on quantum physics or something. I honestly think we got the MBA assignment. That would explain a lot!! And still need to study for the Marketing exam one week after that...

Balls balls BALLS!!

Oh yeah..some more London pics. I kinda notice a trend here..i.e. loads of Putney Bridge pics. Well, I just travel across it every day and change busses on it, so it makes a great scene in the mornings and evenings. I will make an effort to look for other subjects.

Also, started a Pinwheel sweater for my sister-in-laws unborn. Coming along fine although I had trouble with the sleeve inset. Very confusing pattern there. See pics....

Ravelry played the fool on us today. I had so much fun. All our ravatars were given funny little hats-mine was a chef hat! haha! Buttons moved around when you wanted to use them and strange and rather amusing 'books' were added to our libraries...HILARIOUS! Thanks Casey, Jess and Bob.

Ok, pic time..