Monday, 8 June 2009

I'm baaaaaccckkkk!!

Yup. I'm back and writing from Hong Kong. Follow my adventures on the HK blog.
So due to the whole process of moving to another country, knitting took a bit of a back seat the past few weeks. Today, I picked up the needles again and finished the Matilda. Looking good. I just need to block the sucker-not sure where yet as we're in a small serviced apartment- but will find a place. Maybe under the equally small dining table. It's looks fab though. Then I will send it on to South Africa to my SIL.

After a week here, I've realised that aircons on full blast tend to leave me a bit cold. Compared to the 32 degree C outside, a full cardigan simply doesn't work. So I've started a little shoulderette with HK bought yarn-yup, found a lys here-and am about 4" in. Looking good.

Re the lys, an experience if any. The first was Tailor and Alteration which, as per previous reports, is tiny! Shelves are so close together that you can't lift your arms to pick something off a shelf. And my handbag on my shoulder kept knocking things off. So had to put my handbag down and carry on without!! I bought 6 balls of Mondial superwool in a charcoal grey. Thought i'd move away from my usual black. Ha!
The second shop is near our apartment. Its called Filo Kilo. It is one of those shops where, the moment you step in the door, you have an instant tail. This chinese lady followed me throughout the store. And it's not a big or cluttered store. She could probably keep her eye on me from the till area. I was looking for some cotton akin to Peaches and cream. But no luck. So I settled for some random yarn in a peach/orange colour. I really need it for a market bag. Not my choice or taste but would have to do. I'm thinking of doing a large order of Peaches from the US or UK and save on shipping that way. Either way, the 4 balls of peachy yarn cost me HK$40 for all 4! Cheap as chips. Less than £4 for all 4.

I've also emptied my stash on Ravelry and started again with the stash that I have with me. I figured that this would be a good time to not accumulate past my current projects. I read somewhere on Ravelry that someone filled her whole queue with projects made from her entire stash. So I will try to allocate all my current stash to projects and will complete ( I HOPE!!!).

So will get onto that tomorrow inbetween job hunting/ passport renewal and chinese supermarket shopping! Yikes!


Ling said...

Hi! Hope you are enjoying HK. I'm hoping to visit in July/Aug so hopefully will catch up with you. Let meknow if you want/need anyhting from the UK.

amy said...

So I remember the getting a tail in the stores thing. From what my coworker & I gathered it was a follow you in case you need any service thing more than anything else.

And if you need any Peaches & Cream / Sugar & Cream cottons to fill your habit just let me know.