Saturday, 3 May 2008


I've just been invited to our first bbq this year!! Yay! Even though it looks a bit windy and cloudy outside, I don't really care!! BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ!!! I'll have to go to the shop to get some steaks and chips. I can't wait. I'll just have to wait for for OH. He is at a band practice somewhere in Balham. I might just go without him.

I also took the time (lots of time) to straighten my hair for a change. It is so sooper curly normally so it is quite a change when it is straight.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

That's after a LOT of product, hairdryer, GHD's, paddle brush, round brush...etc..etc...
I know that it probably won't last long but hey. Kinda reminds me of my home french day and it's busted!!! Is it just me? I think I'm way to rough with my hands and nails. I'd probably put someone's eyes out with acrylic nails! haha!

My fabulous yarns came all the way from France. It's FAB! Only thing is, I've been having a real struggle translating the french patterns. They kinda say things the other way round than english/ american patterns. All backwards. Here are some pics of my yarns-unfortunately the pics are backwards too! Balls!


Aberdonian said...

I like your straight hair! One of my friends also has incredibly curly hair and for the last ball we attended together she had straight hair and it was such a total change!

If you need help translating the French patterns, don't hesitate to ask.

Mish said...

Hey thanks! I like it too. It just takes sooooo long to get it that way. Thanks for the offer for help.