Monday, 23 June 2008

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!!

Yeah!! Saturday was my birthday!!! Another year younger...I've decided to count backwards from now on! Or maybe I'll just start at 0 again. Anyway, in the morning, I had to attend an RSPCA regional meeting which took up the whole day. But it wasn't that bad really. Actually quite interesting. Left there at about 3. Then rushed home to the O2 store to get my new phone AND THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT IN STOCK! OH the disappointment!! I was looking forward to it all day! I think my OH could see the disappointment on my face! Oh well. I spoke to them this morning and they will send me one when they are in stock again...and so I wait. So to cheer my up, the OH took me to Cath Kidston and let me pick to gifts for my birthday. So I chose this sewing box

and this knitting bag

All very nice!!! I chose the sewing box because my other present is a new sewing machine!! Which I'll get tomorrow as they were out of stock too!! It is the Singer 7446 and it has a one-step button hole!! My favourite!!! I hate making button holes! I'll post some pics as soon as I get it.

The bird feeder has finally caught on and is visited by the tiniest of blue tits! He's so cute!! And still a bit fluffy.

Oh and I frantically knitted all week to finish my Lelah top to wear for my birthday and ran out of yarn with only 1 inch to knit!!!!!!!!!!!! AAARRGGGGHHH!!! Annoying. So will pop down to Peter Jones for the extra ball and finally finish the top. It's looks stunning!!!

ETA...OH has so far lost a total of 6.2kg or 0.97 stone on his diet!!! Well done!!!

And another referred to eye doctor for the thing on my lid...dammit...was worried about that as I'm not comfortable with people scratching in my eye while I watch!!

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