Thursday, 19 June 2008

What I should be doing today...

Today, I should be working on my assignment for college and again, no motivation. I bought a new window bird feeder that you attach to the window with suckers. So I'm sitting here watching the feeder. So far the birds are ignoring it! DAMMIT! I'm so excited!
Also, I'm about to go to the doctor again. I feel like I'm falling apart at the minute. I have a bump on my eyelid which I thought was a stye at first. But it has been almost 2 months now and it looks like a pea. Very visible bump right there on my eye. It looks even worse when I wear eye shadow. I was at the doctors last week and were given antibiotics. But it made me feel so sick that I stopped taking it. I had really bad stomach cramps. So rang the doctors again and am going back. Sometimes I am very disappointed with the healthcare in this country. Especially the gp service. I attend my local NHS hospital every three months for check ups on an auto immune disease. And was also in hospital for 2 weeks in isolation. And I received great care. But every time I go to a GP service, I feel let down. So today I'll be heading down there again so see what nonsense I'll be told this time. This is apart from an inflamed hip that is being treated by my physio (also heard via a friend who is seeing the same physio that she is very worried as 'I am in a bad way') How scary. I think the stress of living with uncertainty in the UK is all too much together with all the college work. Luckily college will be over by October so I can't wait!! I kinda see the light at the end of the tunnel. And at that stage, I can start working on a full time basis again..
Which brings me to my next problem...what to do??? I don't really know.

Anyway, knitting is going well. I've decided to abandon the Endpaper knits and I just can't get the tension right. They just seem to be too small all the time. So they are going in hibernation. In the mean time, I've started the Lelah top and it looks great. I wanted to finish it in time for my birthday on Saturday but don't think I'll manage. My arms hurt if I knit too much in one go. I had to stop last night whilst itching to finish it! DAMMIT! So watched a very bad Steven Segal movie instead.

Oh well, gotta go take a bath so I'm clean for the doctors and then off to the O2 store. I'm due for an upgrade on my phone and want the Samsung Tocco. Well actually I want the new IPhone but will have to wait a while. Here it is...

Nice isn't it!

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