Thursday, 5 June 2008

Here birdy birdy!

I always try to feed the birds wherever I live. So on Monday I bought a fat feeder to hang on the balcony. And the birds love it!!! I have a peanut feeder too but it hasn't been that popular. I do see some birds on it but only tiny ones. Well, this new feeder is being attacked by magpies! They love it! It's hilarious to see though. I've hung it on the balcony. The magpies try to get to it and have to hang sideways. But as they are so big, they keep sliding down! Hahahaha!!! I'll check back everyday to see how long it lasts. Here is a picture of it last night.

I've also finished my ninja socks. They are very comfy! Yeah!! And they look so cool! They are the fastest knit and great for a gift. I literally did them in a week and I only knit about and hour every night. Here they are...mmmm...laptop messing about again...I'll try again later.

Oh hasn't left his room since the new Mac arrived. In a way, it's a blessing as I get some quiet time to knit or do whatever. I've also been having trouble with my hip. I had the knee operation in November and seems like it's all related. Your body tries to compensate for damaged bodyparts by overusing other parts. Hence the painful hip. Luckily for me, I work for private physiotherapists. I'll tell you, they sure can hurt a person!!!! Apparently my bum muscles are non existent (explains my african bum) and a tendon in my groin is so tight you can play a song on it!!!! And releasing the damned thing is torture! I have so many exercises that I won't have time for anything else. Hopefully it will transform my african butt into a supermodel butt!!! Whooheee!!

p.s. my friend in Canada has been the best ever. She got me some translations for the Phildar patterns FOR FREE!!! Some company said that she could have it for free-no charge! How fabulous! I can't wait for it to arrive. Then I can finally start on my knits.

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