Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Busy again as usual. So many things....the RSPCA has been keeping my busy almost every weekend. Anyway, this weekend, I will have my free wash and blow at the salon that did my hair so nicely-see previous post. I can't wait!! Another day with nice hair!! It's such a story to get my hair to do anything. It has it's own mind-just like some cats! hahahaha!!

I've also made some progress on the Endpapers and am about 2 inches in. Doesn't sound like much but I am concentrating so hard not to knit too tightly all the while following the pattern. But now I keep messing up. I realise that I am just not a colourwork knitter. I can do lace patterns but not colourwork. And the problem is....I LOVE how colourwork turns out! BUMMER! Anyway, it is my bus journey knit so will just keep at it and hopefully finish it some year!
I've also started the Lelah top. I popped down to Stash in Putney last week and bought some yarn. But after I knitted up about an inch, I just didn't like the look of it. Also, I keep sneezing when I knit with will probably keep it for someone else. Instead I bought some Rowan All seasons cotton in a lovely rusty red colour. Inevitably I reached for the black and teal but decided that I should jump the boat a bit and choose something else! I really just have black clothes in my drawer. Not because I'm a goth of some sort, but mainly because it is easiest to wear and dress up with accessories. Anyway, so rustic red it is. I started it last night and looks ok. They suggested quite large needles, but on the 6,5 the lace pattern was lost. So I dropped down to the 5,5 and looks much better. Though I feel like this will be a repeat frogger!!! ribbup ribbup!
Pics to don't have a camera so excuse the bad quality.

Oh and the bird feeder is almost done! The birds have literally laid into it BIGTIME! They actually queue up-and I don't mean all the same different species of birds. Very facinating! I also encountered another wildlife friend last night...a female stag beetle. She was gorgeous. Very large-as long as my whole thumb and not at all frightened of me. Anyway, she was walking across the path, so I moved her into the garden. I definately don't want some yob squishing her. Apparently they are endangered. So there...did my bit for nature! (Pic to follow too)

Also sent all the socks (see Finally post) off to my family in South Africa and lo and hasn't arrived. I'm so disappointed. Unfortunately the postal system in South Africa is very corrupt and if Mr Postal Worker thinks there is something nice in a package, he will open it and take it home. Or even take the whole package. I tried to be clever and just wrote knitting on the custom sticker but they must have had a good feel and decided to steal it. DAMN!! I'm really disappointed as I slaved over my father in laws socks for AGES as the pattern was horrible to me....and now they are on someone else's feet. Really really REALLY sad...

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