Thursday, 21 May 2009


OK so it's official! We're moving to....HONG KONG! YEAH!!

It's been in the making for the past six months and we've been sitting ducks in South Africa ever since. Visas took quite a while as well as company registrations, etc.. So we finally got the good news that they were approved yesterday and we'll be flying out stat! So far our family and friends have been crying and/ or upset at the news. They all knew of the proposed move but as it's taken so long, they've probably hoped it wasn't happening anymore. But alas, news is in and we're leaving in a week.
I have so much to organised and to pack. We've had to buy quite a few things while here as we were unprepared for the weather. So I'll probably leave some clothes here. I've been taking pictures of patterns in books that I've bought and still want to knit. That way I will have them on me instead of a heavy book.

As yet, we don't have anywhere to stay and don't know anyone either. I'm both scared and excited. We're just waiting for the visas to arrive here and then have to book tickets, book hotel, start saying goodbye, etc.

Of course my knitting to-do list is now obsolete. I'll only get to finish the bedsocks and maybe the Matilda shawl( though I can take it with me). But free time will be few and far between.

And in all the excitement, the Rockstar fell ill yesterday. Nausea, gas, fever. I don't know what it could be as we've been eating exactly the same things except for a little tub of yoghurt that he had. He couldn't celebrate properly yesterday. Hopefully he feels better today. I think it will be toast with peanut butter and herbal tea for him this morning. He didn't eat at all yesterday.

Anyway, planning to start feverishly today! EEK!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh! Wow, that's big news! What will you guys be doing there? What's in Hong Kong. That sounds SO exciting...I'm so excited for you trans-continental in the past year! :-)

Aberdonian said...

Hong Kong! WOW! I'm pleased for you!