Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Plodding along...

I finished the Dragonfly shawl last night after a mad rush mainly cause I have so many requests from knitted items, I can't keep up. Right now, its blocking on a towel and old futon and was pretty much dry this morning when I left. But I wanted to make sure that it was dry as a bone before taking the pins out. The actual pattern has evened out nicely with blocking-more than I had hoped. I have to admit that I was worried about my tension as I substituted the yarn for a thicker sock yarn available locally. No chance of finding lace weight anything over here. But my fears were unfounded when I blocked it out. So pics to follow as soon as I can get around the painter to the camera in the room. ( Painters = headaches). We been sleeping in the lounge ( the Rockstar on the couch and me on said futon) in the hopes of getting away from the toxic paint fumes. It's really been a headache ( no pun intended).

In the meantime, I've started another shawl for my sister-in-law. This time I'm knitting the Matilda by Kate Blackburn. I really like the geometric look of this pattern as opposed to the more organic patterns in the Swallowtail for example ( though I DO like the Swallowtail, don't get me wrong). She has requested a black colour. I started the shawl last night and have already made a major mistake, and being lace knitting, resulted in me frogging back further than I wanted. I struggled to pick up the yo's. I'll have to resort to lifelines again-just to save my sanity. So far though( about 4" in, it looks great.) This may be one of those shawls that I would rather keep for myself. Meh....
The weather is changing for the worst. ( Worst in South Africa being minimum 12 degrees celsius). We are pretty lucky in that we are out in Paarl which tends to have it's own micro climate. When it rains in Cape Town CBD, its normally a few degrees hotter over here. And the frogs have noticed the change in weather too. They have stopped singing for us...I liked them!

Oh and I painted my nails black just for the hell of it...feeling very rebellious today! HA!

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