Friday, 8 May 2009

Knitting update....** pic heavy**

I've completed the test crochet shawl-Dragonfly, and it has turned out quite nice. I've decided that it will go to a friend who is desperate to learn how to knit so hopefully this will be a bit of inspiration.





The pattern wasn't that difficult though my arm does hurt if I crochet for a while ( I have a wonky arm). Anyway, so pain aside, I've changed tack and switched patterns. The shawl for my SIL will now be the Matilda by Kate Blackburn ( as stated in previous posts). I've started and really like the pattern.



In my next post I'll be bombarding you with puppy pics. I've spent another few days at the Animal shelter volunteering/ socializing with the dogs and cats. So be ready!! Cute overload!


Aberdonian said...

I LOVE that Dragonfly shawl! It's beautiful. I can't wait to see the Matilda finished.

Mish said...

Thanks! I'm about half way now and getting easier.