Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So much to do...

OK so suddenly my life is a list of knitting priorities! When did this happen...
So in order of 'delivery date', my list of knitting at present:
1. Aunt Alm's Dorm Boots by Brenda Zuk for a male friend ( who requested them!), my mother, my SIL and the Rockstar who stole the finished pair for said male friend. I've completed a pair for my mother.
2. The Matilda shawl for other SIL. This one is my second in line when my fingers get bored of the bedsocks.
3. Winter jacket for Tammy the dog. I'm thinking of using Side Button Down Dog Sweater by labpugglechi as Tammy struggles so buttons would make things a bit easier.
4. Leftovers Baby Socks by Matthew Hesson-McInnis for little Megan and Zoe. Knitted with leftovers.
5. A scarf for Zoe though I haven't decided on a pattern yet. Her mom requested something bright. I'm kinda thinking in the line of a rainbow but...
6. Just threw out about 9 pairs of the Rockstars old boxers but decided to recycle rather. So will cut them into strips for a possible bag.
7. I have some lovely turquoise Vinni's bamboo yarn and would like a neck shawl thingy for myself.

Clearly, I'm the least important as seen on the list. But hey...as long as people like hand knits I won't complain.
Oh and as a very long term project: Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang. Love this!

Otherwise, not much going on in South Africa. Weather has been unpredictable. Today it's about 23 degrees c but was absolutely storming on the weekend. We had a quiet giggle as everyone seems to think it's freezing though only 17 degrees and nothing compared to UK winters! Such babies! haha! So today I'll be taking advantage of drier weather and will be doing the washing..yeah...

Oh and the Rockstar has suddenly decided that he is fat. So booked a personal trainer today ( I got roped in too) and we'll be starting on Monday. So expect a lot of moaning about sore legs and arms and the rest of it.
Furthermore, got roped into a cut and 'creative colour' tomorrow at the local hair salon. Now that should be interesting!

This is autumn in Paarl, South Africa. Lovely!


And a night shot of the vineyards with Stellenbosch in the background. Take on a looooong exposure.

Enjoy the week!

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