Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Nice new bag!

I was at college today and in our break, I went to Muji to have a look at their sale.
I couldn't resist. They had this black 3 way bag. Sort of like a laptop backpack except that it has a handle on the top, handle on the side, straps for back pack and a long over the body sling. Brilliant!! It kinda looks like a photography bag with loads of pockets on the outside. Even one long pocket for an umbrella!! So I bought it!! Eeeeekkk!! I'm so excited! I'm just so sick of carrying 2 bags to college and my hands and shoulders couldn't handle it anymore. Will post a picture soon. Unfortunately my digital camera broke down a while ago due to a manufacturers fault but because it isn't on the recognise list, Canon won't repair it!! Nice! Thanks! So I might as well buy a new camera as the repair costs will be too high...So annoying.

Feeling a bit tired now...going to bed...nighty night!

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