Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Busy busy bzzzz.....

So far this week has been hard. Monday and Tuesday work-boss getting his knickers in a twist and just wanted things done NOW. Phew! Today was college day. Marketing Management was boring as usual and I managed to draw a very realistic picture of my phone in class with markers..just shows you how hard I was concentrating in class....NOT!! :-)

I also spent some time tonight organising the OH's visa. He's off to Bordeaux again for work. We keep having to apply for the stupid visa just for a 3 day trip-why they don't just give him a long visa I don't know!! It's just so much of a mission to assemble all the info that they ask for...mostly ridiculous things. Anyway, so I will be spending some time at the embassy-more like 4 hours. So ideal time to get started on the Marketing Management textbook. It's thick enough to kill someone!
Last time I took my crochet project with. I actually got quite a lot done. It's sooooo boring waiting at the embassy. Hard seats and crap on the tv's against the walls.
Hey, did anyone see Ravelry got voted one of the 10 best websites!! Well done guys!! I so love Ravelry and Bob.
Anyways, I'm trying to write this with Lock, Stock on the's a little bit distracting!! Bang bang...

p.s. I started and finished a nice cape thingy on Friday with the Noro yarn sent to me by Tsuki (thanks again Tsuki). It took a maximum of 2 hours and came out quite nice, I think! Can't wait to wear it but it will probably have to wait until summer. It's still a bit cold out in London.

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