Monday, 10 March 2008

We're washing awaaaaaayyyy!!

OMG the worst storms in I don't know how many years hit the UK last night. Wow, the winds were howling!! This morning, it was coming down in buckets and the cypress outside our window was waving her arms like CRAZY, I tell you! Whoo heee!!
Of course, you can't venture outside without full assault gear-warm fleece, waterproof ski jacket-purely because I saw many umbrellas obliterated in the wind, sturdy shoes with a sensible heel-I prefer sneakers. Forget the umbrella, forget makeup...lashing of water is sure to make anyone look like a raccoon. Charming!!!

Anyway, looks like it has calmed down a bit although they predict another one in about 5 hours.

Niceties for today:
1. Love the rain!
2. Love the dog that won Crufts yesterday
3. Love that the boss isn't here now!

Over and out...

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