Monday, 3 March 2008

Early start...

So I thought I'd start early to set up my day in a good way..
1. Loving the sunshine on my face so early in the morning. Spring must be on the way! Whoo hee!!

I'd rather not go on about the weekend because I'd like to stay positive but what a weekend..
On Saturday I rushed to the bank to pay in some takings from the RSPCA and would you believe it, the bank was closed!! GGRRR!! I was fuming!! I'd rushed to count the money, bag it and even got a cab down to the bank to make it in time!! Furious isn't the word. I had to walk around with a massive bag of coins the rest of the day...

So I decided to head down to a local yarn shop that I only heard of recently. And what a find!! WOWIE! It had all the great yarns that our friends across the water get to use all the time. I was in heaven!!!! I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to crochet an african top that I saw in a new pattern book. Anyway, walking back the bag of coins broke and spilt everywhere on the pavement!! (sigh)

Saturday evening we had a great meal at an Italian friend and was treated to traditional dishes and homemade liquers!! mmm....

Yesterday was CRAP!! I spent the whole day working on the RSPCA accounts. I've just taken over from a previous treasurer and she just didn't keep anything up to date. Just imagine the amount of work...assembling all the paperwork-unfiled of course! 6 hours and not much nearer to finishing. I really should start studying and working on my assignment/ case study but these accounts are keeping me way to busy....not much time left....I'm very worried!!!! Guess what I'll be doing tonight....SIGH!

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