Thursday, 8 May 2008

His highness and the pc

My OH ordered a new sooper dooper computer from Apple. I have never seen him so a) excited and b) impatient! He is probably the most level headed person that I know and he is literally running home every night to check if the pc has arrived! How funny! Of course I realise that once it arrives, he will be lost to the world for at least a week! I might just install a hatch in his door and pass food and water through it. Crazy men!! Honestly!

Otherwise nothing to report other than the NICE WEATHER IN LONDON!! Whoohoo!! Really fantastic. I'm sitting in the lounge with the balcony door open and all I can hear is birds. Lovely!
My BF invited me to a store event tonight. It's at the Mango store in Oxford street and will include manicures and goody bags!! Double whoohoo!!! I'm hoping to get a nice manicure. I'll post some random mobile phone next...

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