Wednesday, 23 July 2008

New Knitting group! Yeah!

Last night was the first official meeting of the Wandsworth knitting group. There were 5 of us in total. We'd arranged to meet at the station but no-one knew what each other looked like. So everyone had their knitting out-hoping to be spotted by fellow knitters! Anyway, we mosey'ed (?) on down to the local pub, grabbed a funky corner and started knitting/ chatting. What fun! Everyone was really nice and all were working on some really different things. We had a Dalek toilet roll cover, lovely cable cardigan, my Megathy, something for a baby and another lovely scoop neck cardigan. I think everyone got on well enough. A few pints later and all were happily chatting away. All in all, a very good first meet up. I'll have to try and recruit some more members! We did have one REALLY drunk irish guy who's mouth literally hung open at the sight of us!!!! He was soooo pissed.Hahahaha!!
Anyway, thank you to everyone who came and see you next week!!

And this morning, at about 7h30, someone knocks on the front door. I literally have a heart attack cause I'm in my pajamas and the rockstar is in the bath. So run to the door and there is the postman?! Package for ME!! It's my World Yarn Swap package from Karson in the US!!! WHOOOHEEEEE!!! It's like Christmas!!! Man, I ripped that box open faster than you can say zip! Karson recommended some Knitpicks Wool from the Andes. It was actually a very good suggestion. I have been planning on making the 'Learn to Knit Afghan' for some time now. I do know who to knit, of course, but like the idea of all the different patterns. Anyway, so I picked 4 lovely colours-Jalapeno, Blackberry, Lullaby and Fairy Tale. These arrived this morning along with a treasure chest of goodies-4 mixed cd's of music, 2 bracelets, 1 ring, 1 Kentucky fridge magnet, loads of sweeties!! I'm so happy. I'm already sitting here at work planning the colour schemes for the Afghan. That said, I don't have the book but have had a look at other people's finished projects and have figured out all the stitches! (sneaky I know!!)
Anyway, so I'd better do some work now-the dork isn't in today but I know he will check up on my next week! Booooo!

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