Monday, 21 July 2008

Knitting update..

I've had a marathon of knitting this weekend. Firstly I finished the dishcloth and it looks GORGEOUS! And you know what, even the rockstar likes it. Says it's nice and thick and dries quickly. I think I have converted him! mwwaaahahahahaha (Dr Evil laugh).
It really is quite a nice dishcloth if I have to say so myself. The pattern really shows off the colours nicely and 'thickens' it slightly. I've used Rowan cotton before for a previous red washcloth and while it's done it's job, I can really see and feel a difference in the Peaches and Cream. So much so that I've just ordered another £15 worth! Oops!! I ordered some blue and a mad mixture of red/green/ yellow for my mom-who picked the colours. She's just had a new kitchen sink put in ( with her Christmas money from us!) and is all excited. So I offered to knit her some new dishcloths.

Then, on Friday, after I finished the dishcloth, I started on the Shalom Sweater and I've literally just finished it at work since the boss isn't here. What a fast knit!! And nice too!! I'm already thinking of gifting possibilities. And my own version...I'll post a picture as soon as I get home.
Aahh...just heard that a friend is being posted back to South Africa from the UK. Her visa has been denied. She's really sad! :-(
Anyway, on another front...I received weekly emails from the Wandsworth Freecycle group. So last week someone posted a question asking about a knitting group in Wandsworth. After to-ing and fro-ing a bit, I realised that this person isn't on Ravelry(!), asked her to join and then posted the question on the London Ravellers board. And lo and behold, we have 4 members to the all new Wandsworth knitting group. We'll be meeting up tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) outside Wandsworth Town station at 7. So if anyone is interested....come around!

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