Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Me, myself and Irene

OMG!! How hectic has these past few weeks been?!?!?! I apologise for the absense. The main reason was a bastard of an exam -Strategic Management- which had to be written on Monday past (14th). I studied my brains out-it literally came out my eye (more about that later). Well, the exam went ok. As expected I guess. I'm more of a mathematical person so the SM was a bit hard. Give me a sum, I'll give you the answer. Ask me to critically evaluate the implementation of the processual perspective on strategic management on an organisation of my choice, and I'll run, FAST! Anyhoo, it's over and done and I better pass because I have no intention of rewriting it.

My eye on the other hand, has been on it's own mission. A few months ago it decided to grow a third eye on my eyelid. So with all the stress and lack of rest/ proper food/ knitting, it decided to manifest itself in my lashes! A massively yellow bump, very angry and painful. I tried the whole of Saturday to open it up but it was soooo sore...anyway, I'll spare you the gory details.

So I finally have time to knit again...and I've bought loads of yarn in the Peter Jones sale...omg...hiding the bag from the Rockstar! I've started the Fern and Waves scarf with some Rowan Kidsilk spray that I got at the sale. Very nice pink. I also bought the black sparkly version.
Picture here...
I also finished the Lelah top and wanted to wear it for my birthday but ran out of yarn like 1" from finishing. So bought some and finished it later. It's AWESOME!!! I'm definately making it in a different colour-maybe black for a more formal look. Here it is ( attached to me)
I'm going to make some removable icord straps for it too.

I've also started the Phildar sweater in cream from this post. It's one of those knits that takes forever because you have to change yarns every 2 rows. It sure looks nice but will probably only be finished next year-the rate I'm going!! I also have to concentrate so much that I can't watch tv, which defeat the objective of tv knitting. I like simple things for tv and the more complicated things for the bus/ train. Oh well, here it is in any case...(excuse bad photos, I still don't have a digital camera after the last one broke)

I do actually have quite a bit of knitting to here is my list of to-do's for the rest of the year....
-Evening Shrug by Purlbee in Debbie Bliss Cathay black for ME
-One skein wonder by Glampyre knits
-Econo shopper mesh by In my shoes in some Rowan Damask
-Megathy by Frances Otero in Rowan Handknit cotton
-another Pinwheel sweater for the boss's little girl

That's quite a list so I'd better start!

And lastly, my friends' new puppy Nooga....AAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

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