Thursday, 21 August 2008

Finished goodies

Ok so update on some finished items...
I finished the pinwheel sweater for the boss's daughter. All in all it came out looking pretty good. Pics below...

I did the border as in the pattern which imo is very boring but looks very nice. The circumference of the sweater is large already and for the border you knit an extra 6 stitches for every 3 on the sweater. So it took double as long! But I'm happy with it.

Then I also had some old store bought sweaters that I was throwing out. But I remembered seeing a 'how to' to make mittens from old sweaters....and here are my attempts....

I lined them with an old felt blanket and they are really warm and cosy! RESULT!

Seeing as I'm on a roll finishing old projects, I've picked up my Phildar blue sweater again and will carry it with me on the bus. MUST FINISH.....MUST FINISH......MUST RESIST STARTITIS!!!
Oh and I'm planning my version of the 'Learn to Knit afghan' by Mrs Zimmerman herself...except I don't have the pattern so I'll be devising my own. I already have the yarn for it ( sent by a kind fellow Raveller from the US).

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