Sunday, 24 August 2008

Quick presents and birthday parties!

The dumb ass that I sometimes am, realised at 3 today that I needed a VERY quick present for a 2 year old. And I had about 2 hours to do it in! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! A quick scan of my favourites on Ravelry revealed the Birds of a Feather. from Hannah Kaminsky. So out came the leftover Garnstudio Karisma and crochet needle! I have to say, these were sooper quick to make. It takes about 1 hour per chick which includes sewing the wings and tail. I embroidered the eyes and stuck the beak down with some child friendly craft glue...and bob's your uncle....Summer loved them!! RESULT!
Meet Tweet!

Later we helped Summer's mom bake some cakes for her birthday party tomorrow. These guys below are remnants from my childhood and we decided that Summer should have some too!! They are basically ice cream cones, stuck down on rich tea biscuits with some sweets inside. And then decorated with marshmallow, icing sugar and smarties....I used to love these as a child!!



katalysis said...

you mean, stuck down on marie biscuits! :)

Mish said...

Haha!! Only you would know what marie biscuits are!!!