Monday, 4 August 2008

So what do you do.....

....when the front door slams shut with you outside??? You break into your own house of course!
What a bloody mess! Husband walked some friends to their car while I had a quick peek at my flowers. Next thing...the front door slams shut with the latch on!!! Of course, I realised immediately that we are locked out. So I shout down to the Rockstar, who thinks I'm joking! Uhm no not really. Call a locksmith....
See we live on the 4th floor and even though we have some open windows....unless you are spiderman, there is no way of getting to them.
So while they call around for the best price, I go all Macguyver on the front door with a mop, piece of wood and a torn shopping bag. I managed to snag my handbag through the mail slot and pulled it closer.
Luckily for me....
a) my handbag was on the floor near the front door
b) my keys were in my bag
c) i grabbed the right side of the bag

I was able to grab my keys through the mail slot-after bruising my arm in the process.

So moral of the story:
-Leave spare keys somewhere/ with someone
-Don't leave your bag near the mail slot...anyone can break in!
-Don't leave the latch on the front door like an idiot!!!

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