Thursday, 9 October 2008


Did I say I liked my camera....

I LOVE MY CAMERA!!! It really is awesome!! Today I bought a camera case and extra battery. I wanted a case that wouldn't scratch the screen when you put it in. So I got a Lowepro pouch that zips open around the top and flips open quite far. So no nasty zippers in sight. And I've been taking some pictures of pretty silly things just for the sake of taking a photo!
So here are some random pics from today...
On the night bus, the sunrise this morning and a local visitor

How worried are you about the global economy? We're not sure how it will influence us in South Africa as yet as things tend to take a while to get all the way to the end of Africa. But workwise, the Rockstar is seeing the effects already. No clients are coming in and the office is dead. Really not good news. I'm just glad that we didn't buy a flat or house as mortgage rates would surely double or triple.

Anyway, I'm halfway through the Rockstars second sock. I'm turning the heel. The yarn is softer than I thought and knits up lovely. Even the colourway is lovely. Why oh why didn't I buy another skein???? IDIOT!

Tomorrow I need to start packing some stuff and getting rid of some more. I need to be ruthless. Less crap and keep the most useful...easier than it sounds!!

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