Friday, 3 October 2008

Pedi socks DONE!

Man, I'm getting really fast at knitting socks! These guys are for a friend who requested some socks similar to mittens where the top folds away. And VOILA...

I also ordered some Kauni from Scandinavian Knitting and man, these people work at the speed of light. I ordered it on Wednesday and got it today! Nice one guys!!! And the yarn is so bloody gorgeous I could cry. I bought the ever popular Rainbow and also a purple-pink version. I really want to make a shawl but not to wear as a shawl. I want to wear it for a scarf...does that make sense?? Anyway, the yarn is really gorgeous and I really have to stop myself from starting something new. I really don't want to start anything new as I will have to start packing up soon. So with the pedi socks done, I started another pair of sock for the Rockstar as I've promised him a pair a LOOOONG time ago! ( guilty as charged) The yarn is from Fleece Artist called Nova socks and is a variegated sock yarn in black, blue and green. Secretly I would have loved this for myself but I
I also splashed out on some Koigu. It wasn't cheap but I figured that if we leave the country, I might never get a chance to try it EVER!!!! Now we can't have that, can we??!! Seriously now, my stash build is coming along nicely....( Mr Evil finger in corner of mouth)

Anyway, here is the Rockstar's lunch from today...

Very rock n roll!

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Aberdonian said...

It makes sense to wear a shawl as a scarf! ;) You know you want to knit that Kauni yarn.