Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ziggy ziggy sputnik

OK so here you go..the Ziggy monster that I have created. I'm so chuffed with how it is turning out and they are ALL FOR ME!! Yeah!!!

I had to laugh though! I started these last week Saturday after I got back from the Knitting show at Ally Pally. I was soooo tired and my eyes were burning but I was resolute. I wanted to start them. So I cast on that night, knitted the rib and started on the zigzag pattern. The next day I couldn't understand why I was one stitch short...mmm...
And then found the reason....

One dropped stitch!! It's so bloody obvious I can't believe I didn't see it before??!! How tired was I really??!! I've knitted so much of it already that I'm not going back so will just have to sew it in and pretend it never happened.

I'm also quite proud of my friend K who I have been teaching to knit. She has been doing so well. I started her off on some Amigurumi as she has a short attention span. And this week she started her first sock! I feel like a proud mother!! Here I am teaching her to turn the heel on her first sock.

Her cast on and ribbing is a bit loose and sloppy but I'm sure it will get better on the second sock. She also struggles with 'gaps' between the needles on the knitting. I told her to knit her first pair for herself as she will probably make mistakes. She is so excited and am loving knitting them so WELL DONE K!!!

So I have to start some serious packing today but am feeling a bit lazy. But we only have 2 weeks left. It feels so lovely and bright in Wimbledon today and I realise again that I will miss it.
Have a look at a lovely misty morning this week. The cranes are at the Wimbledon tennis courts where they are building the new roof.


Aberdonian said...

Those are awesome socks, I love the colours!

FruBendiksen said...

Oh, they are really beautiful!! Casting on a pair myself tonight..fingers crossed for no stitch dropping!