Saturday, 4 October 2008

The state of the nation

Yesterday I heard/saw something so amazing that if I wasn't there myself, I wouldn't have believed it!
I was in a clothing store yesterday, browsing. There were two girls in the store too. One was standing next to me, browsing, the other staring in a mirror not far off. The one staring in the mirror came over and conversation went as follows:
Mirror girl: Hey, guess what. If you close your eyes, and open it again, those black bits go from very large to very small quickly! ( and here's the best bit) I thought it was a myth!

WWHHHAAAATTT!!! The black bit? Myth?
Man, what is up with the education system in this day and age? I remember learning about the eye and pupils and light reaction. And I was in a normal state school. Crazy! I feel for the future of the UK.

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