Thursday, 25 September 2008

Bad news continued...

So bad news have been confirmed. We have to move back to South Africa in the next two months. :-((
This week has been a week of soooper emotions...sad, cross, rattled.....
Thanks to Her Majesty's home office, we are deemed not clever enough to join society in the UK. Our visa has been turned down and we have no other options left but to return to SA. We originally left to better ourselves and find a better life. Living in South Africa has it's advantages such as weather and space, but crime and work prospects were definitely not an up. We have been so unhappy and uncertain the past week. Just the thought of leaving our home of 6 years and all my friends, including my best friend, behind is just too much. That's not even thinking of packing up a house, shipping and all the other nonsense that goes with moving internationally. I'm trying to keep things together as I still have an assignment to complete for uni. Thankfully, it's my last one so I won't be losing out on my degree though I'll miss out on the graduation ceremony.
Oh well....all things considered, we had a great time in the UK and will miss it sorely. We've considered it our home and made every effort to integrate ourselves into society. Unfortunately the South African name is blighted by individuals who take the immigration system for a ride and so we were dealt with accordingly.

On the bright side, we get to see family again and will go back in high summer. I'm not going to stop blogging or knitting though!!!!! NEVER!

Anyway, on to happier things...

A friend had her birthday on Tuesday and I made some very speedy Fetching as a gift. I have to say, these are super fast to knit and really easy. Even the rockstar wants a pair-though I'm not sure he will need them in SA (it's just too hot!)

I've also finished off my handwarmers by adding some felt leaves. The colouring of the yarn made me think of leaves changing colour just before winter comes.
I also finished up Hello Kitty by adding some whiskers, a red felt heart and some seaming on her jeans. She's so gorgeous!!

I've also finished another square for my afghan-sorry no pics yet. Continental is ok. I'm still struggling with my gauge but will keep plugging on. It's still early on so I'm sure it will sort itself out.

So over and out for now....


Aberdonian said...

Oh no! That's not fair on you. It's good that you managed to finish your degree and that you get to see your family. But it's not fair that you have to leave a country you had made efforts to integrate. *hugs*

Mish said...

Thank you so much. We are still reeling from the shock. But I'm planning to do some serious yarn shopping before we go! mx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mish

Sorry to hear that your move home is not on your own terms, and that the daft UK don't want you when they let all sorts stay! But look at it this way : home, mamma, your pets, the sun, your friends...there's loads of good things - a blessing in disguise perhaps. Where will you guys be heading? Jo'burg? And I agree, do a bunch of shopping before you go! :)
groete daar

Lulu said...

Hi there,
We have just received the same bad news ourselves and will be heading back to SA early next year after 4 years here in UAE. It seems like a mountain to climb, but I just keep thinking : How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
Hvae some hugs ~~((((mishi)))~~
lotsa love, lulu