Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Isn't it weird...

...how the mind works..
Sitting here working on my assignment, my mind unconsciously drifts towards our whole visa situation. And suddenly you find yourself looking the world around you through different eyes and I realise the following:

Things that I will miss in the UK:
*My best friend!
*Public transport
*Availability of yarn
*Beautiful buildings
*Wimbledon common
*Cosmetics in every brand you can think of
*Clothing in every brand you can think of
*Summer in London (when it's around, that it!)
*Quaker Oats
*Nice chocolate

And things that I won't miss:
*Miserable weather
*The District line - especially in summer ( and it's equivalent the 93 bus)
*My work
*Definitely the Home Office!
*Crap Friday night tv

Still, even though there are things that I won't miss, I still feel like I will miss ALL of it! The good and bad. And the ability to moan about the bad and laugh about the good. It still feels unreal that we have to pack up and leave. Tonight will be the first viewing for the flat! :-( And we really loved this place.
The rockstar is intent on throwing most of our stuff away or selling. He'd better not eye my yarn!! That's going with me! I've already increased my sock yarn stash! BOOHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Still there is still hope for another development but it's still too soon to say...

Oh and I've dyed my hair back to brown. I had a terrible regrowth that would drive a hair stylist to tears but I refused to pay £90 just for a roots touch up! HONESTLY!!! It's only like 2 inches of hair!!!! I should add extortionate salon prices to my bad list!
Good old £4 box of hair colour from Boots and I'm a brilliant brunette again! WHOO!

OK I'm positively shaking from hunger...no really..I'm shaking..so I'm signing off.

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