Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Call an ambulance!

This weekend I did the unthinkable...I burnt my fingers! Which meant no knitting!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I pretty much erased my fingerprints on all but one finger on the left hand, leaving lovely blisters. So how did I do it, I hear you ask? Well, I was helping a friend at a corporate event, running food to and from the kitchen/ marquee. Someone had just taken a metal dish containing chicken from the grill, where it was keeping warm, and placed it on the counter. And I, stupidly, tried to pick it up. It didn't hurt really. I just realised that I suddenly wasn't feeling anything in my fingers?! And let go. Then realied, WHOA! HOT HOT HOT! Quickly doused my hand under cold water. But 2 hours later I was still in agony. It just wouldn't stop burning. Of course it doesn't help that I carried on working, serving food to 300 people, trying not to cry out loud...'one or two pieces of chicken, sir?'
Anyway, 2 sambuca shots didn't stop the pain, neither did some ibuprofen, at which stage I was starting to zing!
I was sent home.
Anyway, I think that I've recovered fairly well. My fingers don't hurt anymore. They just feel like I have plasters on them-kinda dead to the touch. But I'm sure that will go away as soon as the skin comes off.
So....knitting was out of the question and I turned to crochet. I'm busy with some amigurumi-Hello Kitty to be exact! I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!

One day I'll go to Hello Kitty day.....

Anyway, last week I finished some hand warmers from my Iknit day yarn. I used my own made up pattern of k2p2 all the way, with a small thumb. I just have to weave in some end but here they are...

Their exactly what I wanted-something basic. I left with a whole bunch of yarn though so will have to have a think about what I want to do with it.

And here is my lunch for today....mmm...bento.....

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