Thursday, 29 January 2009

Breaking the law, breaking the law...

Breakin the law, breakin the law

OK, hands in the air….I am breaking the law!!!
In the mornings, I have a 45 minute drive to work and it is mostly bumper-to-bumber slow moving. During such times, I was thinking of all the time that is wasted for knitting purposes. And then it hit me….hey, I can knit in the car on the way to work!!! Totally against the law but I managed to finish a whole heel of a sock in two days. Maybe not as fast as I would usually but then, it wouldn’t be done if I didn’t have it with me. How, you ask?! Well, as traffic rarely moves about 20 km per hour, I knit whilst looking up every second or so. When traffic moves, I just pop the clutch and move forward whilst steering with my knee. I perfected the knee steering many many years ago which allowed me to eat ice-cream in the car without making a mess. Obviously I have to be very careful and mindful of the traffic cops. But hey, it’s working for me! [don’t tell anyone!]
Right now, guilt has set in and Ziggy ziggy has been calling my name from under the bed. So finish it I bloody well will! Seeing as I am on the other side of the world, I have no excuse to have hibernating projects. I have nowhere to put them. So they have to be finished!!! But you know how it is…new projects and yarns beckon and old projects seem boring and uninteresting. I may need to start a new project soon for a colleagues’ 13-year old daughter. She needs some mitts for the mornings for school. I’ve forwarded her some ideas from patterns on Ravelry, which she will show to her daughter tonight. Then the hard part starts…where to find good yarn in this place.

Hey, btw, have you met Penny “laser eyes” Polony?
No……well, behold…

I warn you, don't stare into those eyes too long! This is her in her midnight shenanigans!

In other news, the weather is still great-25 plus. You actually welcome a drop in temperature once in a while. And the office is air conditioned so you can’t go sleeveless, then it’s a bit chilly, but when you wear a short sleeve, you have to sit in traffic for 45 minutes in the blazing heat (MIL’s car doesn’t have aircon!!).
Also, 2 package slips have arrived from the post office. Wonder what it could be especially since one if from the Virgin Islands?!! I don’t know anyone there. It could be a RAK ( Ravelry group called Random Acts of Kindness). I posted a wishlist for some Peaches and Cream ( or similar). My mom wants some more dishcloths and for the life of me, can’t find any cotton that resembles P&C in colour or quality. So here’s hoping.
I also picked up this great Hello Kitty Pez holder!! YEAH! I love Hello Kitty. I’ll keep it forever!

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