Monday, 5 January 2009

Travelling and knitting

Well, apart from some difficulties with the inlaws (don't ask), we've been enjoying the last remaining days of the Rockstar's holiday. We decided to go on a roadtrip up the West Coast of the Western Cape. I certainly haven't been that way for nearly 15 years so it seemed like a good idea. We left fairly early on Saturday, took the R27 and off we went. Out first stop was at Yzerfontein. The little town, if you can call it that, consists mainly of holiday homes and since Yzerfontein is a mere 45 minutes away, it's the perfect weekend getaway. Many houses are HUGE for holiday homes which of course had us drooling. And all have sea views. ::jellis:::

From there, we drove on to Club Mykonos near Langebaan. Now I remember ads on the tv for Club Mykonos when I was really small. They usually involved some bikini clad babe with 80's hair, jogging down the pure white sand towards a hunk in trunks. In fact, all it is, is an expensive holiday resort. Next to it, we found the Boesmanland Plaaskombuis (translated as Bushman land Farmers kitchen) and since at this stage, we were quite hungry, we decided to give it a try ( I was sceptical!)

But we found the most enjoyable restaurant on the beach front ever! All food served are made and tastes just like my Granny used to make. You walk into an informal dining area. The tables are made from old wooden cable reels. These guys are about 2 metres across. And chairs are old tree stumps with cut-up blankets as seat covers. All food is served in tin plates and mugs-LOVE IT!
So the food...
All food is made the traditional South African way in a black 3-legged pot-called a potjie. But these suckers are HUGE! Every household has their own potjie but not nearly this big. Each pot then held a different item ranging from greenbean stew (Groenboontjiebredie), rice, vegetables, lambshank (lamsboud), stewed sweetpotato (stowe soetpatat) etc etc....Tables also held a local fish called snoek or pike, ribs, prawns. Then at the one end you have the bread made in a woodfire stove and at the other end the dessert: koeksisters and melktert (milktart). YUMMYYY!! I can't remember the last time that I ate that much. Literally! It's an all-you-can-eat buffet so just help yourself. And we did!
So here are the evidence...

On the road again (random South African country side)

A LARGE seagull outside the restaurant..

A Stop sign got some bullet action..the little sign says: We either have shooting or hunting fever!

A sign outside has various directions on it...some to the moon, some home, others wherever!

Inside the restaurant

Oh yes! The good stuff!! From top clockwise: Stewed sweetpotato, greenbean stew, rice, lambshank and firebaked bread-still warm!!!!

Coffee is served from the fire-we call it moerkoffie-no idea what that translates to.

The food pots

And for dessert: Milktart on the left and koeksister bites on the right - the Rockstar even stole some extra koeksisters and he doesn't even have a sweet tooth!

And finally, outside the restaurant

And now for knitting. I finally finished the second Swallowtail. I made a few mistakes-some of whom I could fix and some I couldn't, which didn't make me very happy. Oh well. The overall picture is nice. It is much larger than my first Swallowtail mainly because I knitted an extra set of repeats up to row 19 to accommodate a mistake. And just those extra four repeats have made this guy almost twice the size of my first. That and I think the yarn is a bit more giving. The sucker is blocking as we speak and in length, covers an entire single bed!
Here he is unblocked

And then with my first Swallowtail (which is blocked) over it to show size (still unblocked!)

Now he just needs to dry out and he'll be on the plane to London on Thursday! YEAH! I hope K likes it! I've tried it out and want to keep it! ::jellis again::

Anyway, in other news Kleinman isn't eating-not so good news. Here's hoping that he is just too hot and bothered to eat and not sick. :-((

Gotto go make some dinner. Fajitas!!!

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