Monday, 19 January 2009

Nothing to report

Things have been a bit busy if boring on this side. We did have an eventful weekend but at the same time, quite tiring. On Friday night we had some friends over for a braai (BBQ) of Springbok and krummelpap - a type of porridge that you eat with your bbq. Both were absolutely excellent. Though the Rockstar ate WAY too much and ended up feeling sick. Talk about eye too big for his stomach. On Sunday was a family day. It was SIL's birthday so we had ANOTHER braai with friends and family. This time the Rockstar managed to drink wine in the sun all day and ended up looking like a tomato!! Rooky mistake!!! We are after all South African and KNOW that you don't drink in the sun!! So Body Shop Body butter is his new friend to keep his crispy skin nice and supple. And to top it all's his birthday today. So we're off for a meal with family at a portugese/mozambiquan restaurant called Braza who serve great fish and meat dishes in pans. NICE!! Can't wait. I've had a shocker of a day so definitely need the time-out today. The new job is great as it keeps me busy but I also have to speak to some very irate people. :-((

Things are moving steadily for my vintage knit. I've done about 3 inches by now and am just waiting for a full pattern repeat before I take some new pictures. I have to admit, I have cheated and am knitting english again. Continental was just taking SOOOOO LONG! And I like to see the pattern form in my hands. So anyway, new pics to come soon.

Cape Town today is a bit windy and the tablecloth is on the mountain. A sure sign that the wind is coming-though make no mistake, it's still bloody hot!

p.s. I'm learning Chinese, Mandarin to be exact. I look like a right idiot repeating words to a podcast in the car in peak traffic. What must the other people think???

zài jiàn


Amy said...
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Amy said...

Why are you learning Mandarin? And tisk, tisk for giving up on the continental! Just think - if you could overcome it - you would probably knit twice as fast! It is much faster (for most).

Mish said...

I know, I know. I think that I will probably keep going on the continental until I feel like seeing some kind of 'quick' progress and will then switch to English a bit.

Louise said...

good luck with the mandarin! i love how braai is almost like brei (at least in dutch - is that knitting too in afrikaans?) .. Lou x

Mish said...

Yeah, brei is also knit in Afrikaans! It's ALL good!

Louise said...

you could have a brei braai - although the wool would get smokey :-(

Mish said...

Or n braai and brei!