Monday, 12 January 2009

It's so hot ( but I have to work!)

This weekend has been a scorcher! Over 34 degree C. It's so hot that you can see the heat in the air, can't touch the steering wheel of the car or eat an ice-cream ( it melts too fast!). It's so hot that the ceiling fan broke from working overtime! Blew up in a ball of smoke. And in all this lovely heat, I have to work. I finally got a job as a banking designate at a local clothing chain. Nothing to write home about but it's a job. And they have a canteen! WHOO! I've never worked anywhere that had a canteen. What a luxury! Anyway, in other news...

I went to visit my mom over the weekend which meant that I got to see Mannie again. He's looking fine, eating again but still painfully thin and clearly blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other. Poor thing walked into a closed door and I couldn't help but laugh!! I'm terrible!!!! Most of the blood in his eye has been absorbed and you can see his eye again. This is what is looks like now.

p.s. he's been to the vets and all is well. He did say that Mannie was blind in the bloody eye and almost totally blind in the right. So no wonder he's been walking into things. Poor thing. But he's still eating and the doc said that's all that matters!

And Snowie was having a good old sleep so I snapped away. She's actually a model because she is deaf. So you can take loads of pics without the need to sneak up on her. But you should see her jump when she is sleeping and you touch her!! My mom has had to teach her hand signals so make her understand that it is feeding time/ come in time/ naughty kitty time/ etc. etc..

Knitting wise, I’ve finally started a pattern from my book ‘A stitch in time’. I’ve chosen ‘It cannot fail to please’ AND have decided to knit the whole thing in continental. Look out for the post in about 2 weeks time that will have the heading WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??!! For now though, I’m optimistic. I’ve knitted a tension swatch that was spot on stitch count wise. I’ve chosen a nice dusky pink colour and the yarn is slightly thicker than the suggested yarn but I still get the right stitch count. So not bovvered. The stitch definition is very nice. I think I could wear this in summer or in winter over a white shirt.

Right now I’m itching to work on it but I just HAD to paint my nails and they are taking AGES to dry. Hopefully the whooshing air as I type will dry them out quicker. I found this magic marker pen by Sally Hansen which draws the white part of a French manicure onto your nails. The tip is quite thick and idiot proof. I know cause I’m an idiot. And my nails look nice! Well, I think so in any case! Hahahah!!

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